New dinosaur species discovered in China

This is a video about research at Ghost Ranch, USA; where new species of dinosaurs and their ancestors have been discovered recently.

From Discovery Channel:

Fierce Dinos Roamed Prehistoric Asia

Jennifer Viegas, Discovery News

Sept. 11, 2007 — Dinosaurs recently unearthed in China — including an “ungainly,” 19-foot armored beast and a “fierce” carnivore found with the clawed foot and leg of a raptor in its gut — are painting a grisly picture of prehistory.

Since the two species, Zhejiangosaurus lishuiensis and Sinocalliopteryx gigas, represent different dinosaur groups, one of which was not even thought to be in China, the finds also add to a growing body of evidence that Asia was teeming with life over 100 million years ago.

Lu Junchang, who led the Zhejiangosaurus research, described the discovery as the “most important” of its kind in China.

See also here.

US Triassic dinosaurs: here.

3 thoughts on “New dinosaur species discovered in China

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