Sea turtle from age of dinosaurs in the Netherlands

This video is about a loggerhead sea turtle hatchling of today, getting from the nest to the sea in Kyparissia Bay, Greece.

From the Limburgs Dagblad daily in The Netherlands:

30 June 2007

Maastricht – From Monday till 22 July, in the Natuurhistorisch Museum (NHM) in Maastricht, people will be able to see every day how a fossil giant marine turtle will be extracted from a limestone rock, 66 million years old.

In the museum, a so called ‘PadLab’ was made, giving visitors the chance to see the extraction work from a close distance.

This turtle is from the late Cretaceous.

A primitive protostegid from [Cretaceous] Australia and early sea turtle evolution: here.

First fossil gravid turtle provides insight into the evolution of reproductive traits in turtles: here. And here.

Ancient [Cretaceous] Turtle Migrated from Asia to America Over a Tropical Arctic: here.

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