Dinosaur age Dutch fossil discovery

This video is about mosasaurs.

Translated from Dutch news agency ANP:

Gigantic fossil found in Maastricht

19.09.12, 19:04

In the marl quarry near cement factory ENCI in Maastricht a huge fossil has been found. The monster is from the age of dinosaurs. The local Natural History Museum and the ENCI said so in Maastricht this Wednesday.

A spokeswoman for the museum refused to say on Wednesday which prehistoric animal this concerns. She referred to a press conference Thursday in the ENCI quarry.

The museum says this is a “special find”. It is unclear yet whether this is a finding comparable to the mosasaur, found in Maastricht many years ago.

Maastricht was 65 million years ago covered by a shallow sea, the habitat of this ‘Tyrannosaurus of the sea’.

UPDATE: the fossil turned out to be a mosasaur. See here.

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