Little grebe and hornet

This is a bearded tit video. This species is also known as bearded reedling (Panurus biarmicus).

Today, to the Lepelaarplassen nature reserve again.

In Almere town, a common gull treading the grass at a canal bank, hoping that would bring worms to the surface for it to eat.

Later, a chiffchaff calling.

The marshy area in the north of the Lepelaarplassen reserve is much drier now than a few weeks ago. So, this time no great egret and other birds there.

Today, people can walk a path with two hides, in a part of the reserve usually not open to the public.

We see quite some bearded tits flying around.

Speckled wood and peacock butterflies.

Hornets; and an underground nest of a smaller ‘normal’ wasp species.

A buzzard flying.

Psathyrella mushrooms.

We arrive at the first hide, near a lake. A common tern and a group of great cormorants are trying to catch fish, each in their own way.

Many bearded tits. A common teal. Many dragonflies.

Edible frogs.

More fungi: flammulina; and Judas’s ear fungus.

We arrive at the second hide. Hundreds of ducks in the lake: shovelers; pochards, mallards, a few pintail. Great cormorants. And a little grebe, swimming and diving close to the hide.

Before we arrive back at where the walk started: a Polyporus badius fungus.

Coal tits in Germany: here.

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