Cash for peerages scandal is back to haunt British government

This British video is called Cash for Honours Poo Song.

From British daily The Independent:

Cash for honours is back to haunt Labour

By Marie Woolf, Political Editor

Published: 23 September 2007

The taxpayer has been forced to pay for the huge legal bill run up by Tony Blair‘s aides during the cash-for-honours police investigation. MPs expressed anger that a huge bill for private legal advice to Mr Blair’s staff, believed to total around £100,000, has been quietly paid by the Government, and not by the Labour Party.

The revelation will raise fresh questions about the use of taxpayers’ money as the Labour conference opens in Bournemouth today. Gordon Brown, in his first annual conference as Prime Minister, will try to heal bruises in the Labour Party created by the war in Iraq and by the cash-for-honours affair amid speculation that he is preparing to call an autumn election.

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