Cuckoo, linnet, and purple heron

This vido shows a sedge warbler in the Zouweboezem.

On 12 May 2013, again to the Zouweboezem nature reserve in the Netherlands.

This reserve is famous for its black terns and its purple herons.

As we approach the reserve: shelducks near the Lek river.

Near the parking lot, chaffinch and chiffchaff singing. An oystercatcher.

A bit further: a reed warbler sings.

Sedge warbler singing, 12 May 2013

A sedge warbler sings.

Reed bunting male, 12 May 2013

Then, a male reed bunting.

A willow warbler and a wren sing.

A common tern flying.

A northern lapwing in a meadow.

Black terns fly above the meadow, hunting for insects.

A great cormorant.

Bearded reedlings fly away.

On a reed stem, an ergot fungus, Claviceps microcephala; in the sclerotium phase at the moment.

Marsh marigold flowers.

Black terns fly over their nesting colony, but few of them have started nesting yet. Tufted ducks sit on some of the black tern nesting platforms. It seems that the cold spring has delayed the terns’ nesting season.

A yellow water-lily flowering. That is early for this time of the year.

A great crested grebe.

A Stereum hirsutum fungus on a fallen branch.

Near the hide, a male shoveler duck swimming.

Canada geese. A mute swan. Wigeon. Gadwall ducks.

Many shiny alder leaf beetles on small trees. Some of them mating.

Water violets flowering.

A Savi’s warbler and a blackcap sing.

White dead-nettle flowers.

A green-veined white butterfly.

In a meadow, orchid flowers.

A black-tailed godwit flies, calling.

An Egyptian goose flying.

A male and a female marsh harrier fly together.

Then, a black-tailed godwit, driving away a Canada goose. Considering that Canada geese are capable of driving away big gorillas, quite a feat.

A purple heron; flying, then standing at a ditch bank.

Grey lag and barnacle geese, 12 May 2013

A group of grey lag geese, with also two barnacle geese.

Pheasant male, Zouweboezem, 12 May 2013

A male pheasant.

Grey lag geese and goslings, 12 May 2013

Many grey lag geese have goslings.

Cuckoo, Zouweboezem, 12 May 2013

Then, something special. A male cuckoo. Usually hidden from view, but not today.

A jay flying.

A carrion crow drives away a buzzard.

A false puffball slime mould on a tree stump.

Linnet female, 12 May 2013

Then, a female linnet.

Linnet male, 12 May 2013

And a male linnet.

Then, Lentinus tigrinus mushrooms.

Zouweboezem, 12 May 2013

We are near the exit of the reserve. Corn salad flowering.

In Ameide village, a white stork on its nest on the roof of the church.

55 thoughts on “Cuckoo, linnet, and purple heron

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  2. Your Sedge Warbler looks more like a Great Reed Warbler! They also like to perch in Alders! It’s more prestigous as well to have spotted a Great Reed Warbler! I might be wrong!!!!


  3. You are certainly right because you saw them in field and perhaps even heard the song which is very easy to recognize. According to RSPB , the Great Reed Warbler has resemblance to Sedge Warblers but not to the Reed Warblers.???? I see Reed Warblers every day and sure they are easy to recognise as they have a black mask and White eyebrowns.


  4. Yes, I agree with you, just saw in the Swedish database for birds a pic of a Great Reed Warbler perching in an Alder tree and looking like yours with an eyebrow.


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