Kingfisher, and young goshawk saves itself from drowning

This video is about Lepelaarplassen nature reserve.

21 September 2013. After going to the Oostvaardersplassen, as this blog reported, we went to another nature reserve, Lepelaarplassen.

Along the Oostvaardersdijk dike, hundreds of tufted ducks swimming.

Near the Trekvogel visitors’ centre, house sparrows.

Along the footpath, a peacock butterfly.

And a yellow stagshorn fungus.

This video, made on a bicycle, is about the path to the Lepelaarplassen hide.

From the hide, a female tufted duck. Common pochards.

Various great egrets.

A great crested grebe.

Scores of great cormorants, hunting fish as a pack.

Then, a special bird. A kingfisher sitting quietly for minutes, in a leafless tree not far from the hide.

This is a video about a male kingfisher, made from a hide. After about 51 seconds, a spider starts walking.

A wren sings.

A young goshawk on an island. It flies away. Then, it must have had an accident; maybe trying to catch a fish or a duck from the lake. The young bird landed in the water. Using its wings as swimmer’s arms, it now has to swim for hundreds of meters to be able to reach the safety of the second island, as seen from the hide.

This video from Britain is called Goshawk Flies Through Tiny Spaces in Slo-Mo! – The Animal’s Guide to Britain, Episode 3 – BBC Two.

The goshawk manages to save itself from drowning, landing below the steep bank of the second island. After letting its wing dry for some minutes, a short flight to the top of the islet.

After more minutes of drying, the hawk flew away.

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    • No, not of that goshawk, it was so far you needed binoculars to see it.

      However, if you type ‘goshawk’ in the search box of this box, you will find blog posts with photos and videos.


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