Coronavirus news update, USA

This 21 April 2020 video from the USA says about itself:

How Fox News is embracing protests against coronavirus safety measures

While state governors have attempted to slow the coronavirus outbreak through a number of stay-at-home and shelter-in-place orders, right-wing activists have organized a series of protests across the country calling for the reopening of businesses and the end of social distancing orders. Fox News has given extensive coverage to these protests — promoting the events, praising and encouraging the protesters, as well as hosting rally organizers — despite warnings from medical experts that opening up the country too soon could backfire, setting everyone back in the fight against coronavirus.

In one week, from April 13 through 19, Fox News devoted 69 segments to the story, spending 4 hours and 23 minutes covering the protests.

Fox & Friends First aired 9 segments about the protests, followed by America’s Newsroom with 8 segments. Rounding out the shows with the most segments were Your World with Neil Cavuto and America’s News Headquarters with 6 segments, and Fox News @ Night and Fox & Friends with 5 segments each.

Fox provided the most single-day coverage on April 15, the day of the Operation Gridlock protest in Michigan, with an hour and six minutes. That same day, the network hosted Michigan protest organizers four times.

Fox personalities went out of their way to gush over the protests and praise those participating, even overlooking obvious issues like social distancing being ignored.

US health care workers protest government back-to-work demands. By Trévon Austin, 22 April 2019. Nurses countrywide are opposing the government’s bank-to-work demands and insisting they be provided with proper protective gear on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic.

South Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee reopening as coronavirus deaths mount. By Matthew MacEgan, 22 April 2020. The actions amount to a death sentence to thousands of working people, and particularly the elderly.

US safety agencies bow to corporations as workers file record number of complaints. By Jessica Goldstein, 22 April 2020. The US Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has reportedly received 3,000 complaints related to the pandemic, with state agencies receiving many times more.

Death toll rises at veterans hospital in Massachusetts. By Julian James, 22 April 2020. Roughly 1-in-4 COVID-19 fatalities in the entire Veterans Affairs care system have taken place at a single facility in Massachusetts.

Beaumont Health lays off 2,500 and eliminates 450 jobs in Metro Detroit. By Kevin Reed, 22 April 2020. Michigan’s largest health care provider, Beaumont Health, announced the layoff of 2,475 employees and the permanent elimination of 450 positions at its Detroit-area facilities.

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