Coronavirus update from the USA

This 21 April 2020 video from the USA says about itself:

Why Are Billionaires Funding Go Back To Work Protest?

The big question that the media is asking is, “Why?“ Why is it that right-wing billionaires are funding protests against shelter in place orders in the states?

Why is it that Fox News is pushing so hard to reopen the economy? Why are TV doctor pundits on Fox saying that having 2% or 3% of our population die is an acceptable price to pay? Why are these people willing to sacrifice our elders and vulnerable Americans of all ages to get the economy back in shape? Is it possible that one of the reasons these billionaires are pushing these efforts is because any more stimulus packages may require an increase in taxes on billionaires to pay for them? Could it be that simple and that crass?

From Senator Patty Murray in the USA today:

While our attention is rightly focused on the COVID-19 pandemic, President Trump and the GOP are still shamefully trying to undermine our entire health care system.

Not only did President Trump refuse to call a special enrollment period so that uninsured Americans could find coverage during this national emergency, but his administration and the GOP are also continuing to push their dangerous lawsuit that threatens to overturn critical health care protections and leave millions of people across the country without access to affordable care.

Working to strip away health care from millions of people during a public health crisis is just cruel. Will you join me in speaking out? Add your name to my petition right away.

We are in the middle of a public health emergency and President Trump is not only turning down an opportunity to ensure patients and families can get the health coverage they need, he’s actively working to overturn health care protections for millions, including patients living with pre-existing conditions like cancer and diabetes. It’s inexcusable — and we must fight back.

During this pandemic and after it ends, we must keep doing everything we can to overcome the GOP’s attacks on affordable health care.

These attacks on our health care have got to stop, especially during this crisis. Sign on now to oppose the GOP’s plans to rip away health care from those who need it most.

Thank you,


From the NAACP Legal Defense Fund in the USA today:

We know how coronavirus can sweep through closed quarters with terrifying speed. And right now, our prisons have become petri dishes for the disease — leaving prisoners, their families, and surrounding communities at great risk.

Here are the facts:

We know that we cannot turn a blind eye, so today LDF and our partners filed a groundbreaking lawsuit in Arkansas to make sure that prisoner health and safety is NOT ignored. Can you pitch in now to support our efforts? All gifts to LDF will be MATCHED by a generous donor up to $100,000!

Our lawsuit in Arkansas will put state prisons across the country on notice — with your help we can take this fight further. And the grim reality is that there’s a need to act NOW.

Because prisoners can’t practice social distancing and don’t have ready access to cleaning products or personal protective equipment (PPE), correctional facilities will become breeding grounds for COVID-19 if changes are not made immediately.

And it’s already beginning to happen…in Arkansas 44 of 47 prisoners tested positive for the virus in a single barrack in Cummins Unit, Arkansas’ largest state prison.

In our joint lawsuit, with ACLU of Arkansas, Disability Rights Arkansas, and law firm Squire Patton Boggs, LDF is calling on Arkansas state officials to protect the health and safety of prisoners during the pandemic by providing sufficient PPE, soap, hand sanitizer, and cleaning supplies and releasing elderly or medically vulnerable prisoners to facilitate social distancing. Otherwise, Arkansas prisons will become incubators of the COVID-19 virus that will spread throughout the surrounding communities, which are disproportionately Black.

We know that when it comes to prisoners, too many elected officials are quick to turn away because they want to look “tough on crime.” It’s up to supporters like you to stand up and make it clear that humane treatment and protective actions must be employed in prisons.

With you in solidarity,
Sherrilyn A. Ifill
President and Director-Counsel

Reports Of Anti-Asian Attacks In NYC Have Skyrocketed Compared To This Time Last Year. As Asian Americans around the country experience racist attacks tied to the COVID-19 pandemic, New York City officials say there’s been a surge in local reports of anti-Asian harassment and discrimination: 105 reported incidents since February, compared to just five during the same period last year.

Federal agencies are concerned that domestic extremists could use the coronavirus pandemic to attack Asians and Jews, according to a joint intelligence bulletin obtained by Yahoo News. That bulletin mirrors what organizations that monitor online hate content are also finding.

3 thoughts on “Coronavirus update from the USA

  1. Billionaires love the freedom of workers to work. It is a fundamental thing in the capitalist world; Workers are free to work. They are not slaves. It is very important to emphasize this point. It is the only rights they have. Withoutwork the workers haven no sources of income to buy the goods needed to stay alive. Death workers have no rights and cannott work and make billionaires of this world even richer as they are.


    • Yes, indeed ‘wage slavery’. The alternatives of death by coronavirus contamination in a crowded factory hall; or by starvation.

      A real alternative should be: all non-essential workers stay home until it is really safe. And make the bosses (and the ‘defense’ budget) pay their wages meanwhile.


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