Racists in United States National Guard

This 14 November 2015 video from the USA says about itself:

The New Religion Of Choice For White Supremacists

On Monday, three Virginia men were charged with plotting to attack and bomb black churches and Jewish synagogues, reportedly with the goal of triggering a “race war” in the United States. Suspects Ronald Chaney and Robert Doyle, who FBI officials say are also plotting to kill a local jewelry dealer and rob an armored car, were outspoken white supremacists, bound by a common desire enact violence against Jews and African Americans.

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2 KICKED OUT OF NATIONAL GUARD FOR WHITE SUPREMACY TIES Two men have been kicked out of the Army National Guard after liberal activists uncovered their membership in a religious group with white supremacist ties. The Atlanta Antifascists group published a report this year saying Brandon East and Dalton Woodward were leaders of the Norse pagan group Ravensblood Kindred. The group is part of the Asatru Folk Assembly, which researchers say endorses white supremacy. [AP]

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