Racism and police in Trump´s USA

This 28 July 2020 video from the USA says about itself:

Fox Host: Why Not Arrest Trump’s Opponents?

This “Conservative” wants to arrest local politicians in Portland. Emma Vigeland and Ana Kasparian discuss on The Young Turks.

Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo spoke with acting DHS Sec. Chad Wolf Sunday morning about the federal officers deployed to Portland. Wolf said that they are there because things are “completely out of control” and “city leadership there fostered an environment that allows these criminals to do this throughout the night untouched.”

“We need Portland to step up to the plate, do their responsibility, and work with us to address violent criminal activity occurring every night,” he said.

Bartiromo remarked that Portland “looks like Baghdad” and asked, “These people can go all the way up to the fence and the perimeter and throw bricks at officers. What are you going to do about it?”

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‘EXCESSIVE FORCE’ USED ON PROTESTERS A National Guard commander was “deeply disturbed” as he witnessed federal police use “excessive force” to violently clear peaceful protesters near the White House to make way for Trump to pose for photos outside a church last month, he will testify Tuesday. The account by D.C. National Guard Maj. Adam DeMarco, a combat veteran who was the senior National Guard officer on the scene, contradicts Attorney General William Barr, who has insisted that anti-racism protesters were violent and deserved gassing and physical assault by law enforcement that evening. [HuffPost]

TRUMP WON’T PAY HIS RESPECTS TO JOHN LEWIS ON CAPITOL HILL Thousands of people are expected to visit Capitol Hill to pay respects to congressman and civil rights leader John Lewis, but Trump won’t be one of them. “No, I won’t be going,” the president told reporters without elaborating. “No.” The president made his comment as he was leaving the White House for North Carolina just as Lewis’ American flag-draped casket was arriving at the Capitol carried by a military honor guard into the rotunda. Trump has a well-marked history as a racist. [HuffPost]

THE NYPD CAN SEE MILLIONS OF ARREST RECORDS THAT WERE MEANT TO BE SEALED For over 40 years, it has been illegal for police in New York state to access a person’s sealed arrest records. Details of arrests of people who were charged but not convicted or whose cases were dismissed ― as well as juveniles or people who completed drug treatment programs or committed noncriminal offenses ― aren’t supposed to influence law enforcement should police encounter those people again. But new court documents obtained by HuffPost show that the New York City Police Department has been breaking that law for years. [HuffPost]

VIDEO SHOWS NYPD COP PULLING PROTESTER INTO UNMARKED VAN The New York City Police Department has come under scrutiny after videos showed officers pulling a protester into an unmarked van during a demonstration Tuesday in Manhattan against racism and police brutality. Gothamist, citing the protester’s friends, identified her as an 18-year-old transgender woman. Videos shared on social media show the demonstrator being restrained by several NYPD officers before being pulled into the van. “They grabbed [her] like she was rag doll,” a witness said. “They had her arms on her neck and then they drove off.” [HuffPost]

Two months after Black Lives Matter march, police confiscate cars of peaceful protesters.

Couple wearing swastika masks at Walmart confronted by other shoppers.

LEADER OF NEO-NAZI GROUP UNDER INVESTIGATION A prominent white supremacist propagandist who once claimed to have influenced the Pittsburgh synagogue shooter is under investigation by authorities in California, a law enforcement official said on Monday. The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department told HuffPost that Andrew Richard Casarez has been under investigation for several weeks and that his home has been searched. “Detectives obtained a Gun Violence Restraining Order against him and served a search warrant at a residence … where they seized a firearm,” the department said. [HuffPost]

Republican senator deletes ad that made Jewish opponent’s nose bigger.

Florida man to be charged with vandalism of 2 synagogues.

New York City cuts funding for hate crime prevention initiative.

3 thoughts on “Racism and police in Trump´s USA

  1. If Donald Trump were trying to undermine our democracy and cause Americans as much pain as possible, what would he do differently?

    When there was time to act and save lives, President Trump ignored medical experts, failed to secure life-saving medical equipment, played golf, and called COVID-19 “a hoax.”

    Now, he’s deploying unmarked secret police to American cities and blocking much-needed economic relief as millions of working families face eviction.

    We’ve seen what happens throughout history when racist authoritarians begin to expand their power and consider themselves above the law. As progressives, we have an urgent responsibility to fight back with everything we have.

    Donate before our critical end-of-month fundraising deadline to help Our Revolution support progressives running up and down the ballot who aren’t afraid to stand up and fight against rising fascism here in America!

    In solidarity,

    The whole team at Our Revolution


  2. This campaign is a collaboration between UltraViolet and BLM Louisville community activists working on the ground to demand justice for Breonna Taylor.


    On March 13, Louisville police officers Brett Hankinson, Myles Cosgrove, and Jonathan Mattingly broke into Breonna Taylor’s apartment using a no-knock warrant and shot her eight times. Then, as Breonna struggled for her life for 5-6 minutes, they did nothing to even try to provide medical assistance.

    And yet, 137 days later, Breonna’s murderers are still are walking free. In fact, two of them still work for the Louisville Police Department.

    Kentucky’s Attorney General is feeling enormous pressure to bring charges in this case, but he still hasn’t done it. So this week, we’re joining with BLM Louisville to launch TV ads demanding justice for Breonna. We will not let Breonna become yet another Black life that America treats like it didn’t matter. Breonna’s life mattered, and her killers must be brought to justice.

    Will you donate $5 and help launch TV ads in Louisville demanding the firing and arrest of all the police involved in the killing of Breonna Taylor?

    Breonna was a 26-year-old EMT, and at the time of her killing, she was working on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic. But after midnight on March 13, Louisville police in plain clothes used a battering ram and a no-knock search warrant to break into her apartment.

    In response to the massive protests first in Louisville and then around the country, the Louisville City Council voted to end no-knock warrants to prevent what happened to Breonna from happening to others.

    Our pressure is working, but it’s not enough–because there remains no real accountability for the officers involved in the shooting.

    In fact, while Breonna’s killers haven’t been arrested, more than 400 protestors have been, including 87 who were engaged in an entirely peaceful protest in front of the home of Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron, the official responsible for deciding whether to bring charges against Breonna’s killers.

    Breonna’s family has called for her killers to be brought to justice and arrested, and we’ve echoed their calls with full page ads in the Louisville Courier Journal and an airplane banner over the city. But this week, we’re turning up the pressure even higher with TV ads demanding justice for Breonna.

    Will you donate $5 to help turn up the heat further with hard-hitting ads on Louisville television?

    –Shaunna, KaeLyn, Kathy, Anathea, Melody, Pam, Lindsay, Sonja, Kimberly, Maria, Katie, and Elisa, the UltraViolet team



    1. Officer fired in shooting death of Breonna Taylor, Louisville police say, CNN, June 24, 2020

    2. Here’s What You Need to Know About Breonna Taylor’s Death, The New York Times, June 19, 2020


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