Demonstrating against racist police murders, a crime?

This 12 June 2020 video from the USA says about itself:

Medic Shares Advice for Staying Safe at Protests After Getting Arrested | NowThis

‘Their guns were all pointed at our heads’ — This medic was forcefully arrested by police while providing aid to protesters after curfew.

In US news and current events today, police detained a 23-year-old medic and her friends while they were out at protests trying to help people. Sarah Fenno was one of hundreds arrested on May 31 during Black Lives Matter protests in Cincinnati, Ohio. Fenno was held inside the police station, though many others had to sit outside all night. Fenno says that her and her friends were all denied medical attention, food, and water. Watch to hear more about her experience.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain, 11 June 2020:

Ministry faces court fight on riot gear sales to US

THE BRITISH government is facing legal action over riot gear exports to the US after Scotland voted to endorse a ban this week.

In a bid to stop sales of equipment including CS gas, tear gas and rubber bullets to the US following outrage over President Donald Trump’s brutal crackdown on anti-racist protesters, lawyers have begun the first steps in a potential High Court battle.

The pre-action protocol letter, sent to International Trade Secretary Liz Truss, asks for confirmation of whether a decision has been made over the suspension of licences which allow firms to export such equipment to the US.

Would-be führer Trump steps up coup plotting. 12 June 2020. The president is seeking to manufacture a pretext for violent repression and the establishment of an authoritarian regime in America: here.

National Guard fired the shot that killed David McAtee in Louisville during protest against police violence. By Kevin Reed, 12 June 2020. Laboratory tests have determined that McAtee was shot and killed by a member of the Kentucky National Guard during an assault on protesters last week.

Sri Lankan police violently suppress protest against the killing of George Floyd. By our reporters, 12 June 2020. The police attack is a message from the Rajapakse administration that it will not tolerate any opposition from workers, young people and the poor.

Sri Lankan SEP to hold online meeting against the murder of George Floyd in the US. 11 June 2020. The SEP will hold an online public meeting, titled “The international wave of struggles against the killing of Floyd in the US and plans for capitalist dictatorship”, on Sunday, June 14 at 3 p.m. local time: here.

Australian PM calls for mass arrests at protests against police violence. By Oscar Grenfell, 12 June 2020. Echoing Donald Trump, Scott Morrison declared that demonstrations had been “hijacked by left-wing radicals” who were pursuing “their own political agendas.”

New Zealand Police ends armed units after widespread opposition. By Tom Peters, 12 June 2020. Faced with overwhelming opposition to armed officers, the Labour Party-led government and the police have temporarily withdrawn a push to introduce Armed Response Teams.

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