Sudanese revolt against dictatorship, austerity

This 20 December 2018 video says about itself:

🇸🇩Sudan protesters torch ruling party HQ over rising prices | Al Jazeera English

Protesters in Sudan have set fire to the ruling party’s offices as part of a series of demonstrations against rising bread prices and shortages of fuel, both subsidised by the government.

Images circulating on social media showed the ruling National Conference Party’s

aka National Congress; the party of military dictator Omar al-Bashir

offices in Atbara, some 320km north of the capital Khartoum, being set on fire, while other fires were scattered across the streets at the centre of the protests.

Residents told Al Jazeera that the protests were triggered after bread prices increased from one Sudanese pound ($0.02) to three Sudanese pounds ($0.063).

The protests, which also broke out in the city of Port Sudan, the capital of Red Sea state, saw demonstrators call for the “overthrow of the regime“, a slogan that was common during the Arab Spring uprisings that swept through the region in 2011.

Al Jazeera’s Charlotte Bellis reports.

So, whatever corporate media pundits say: the Arab Spring is not dead; even though it is December.

Years ago, Western corporate media and corporate politicians used to call Sudan a dictatorship. However, ruling General al-Bashir came back into the NATO governments’ good books by helping the 2011 NATO war on Libya (which caused bloodbath after bloodbath with no end in sight, ruin of healthcare, sharp decline in women’s rights, rise of racism, torture of refugees and others, and the comeback of slavery 170 years after its abolition).

Al-Bashir continued to be in the self-styled Free World’s good books, by helping the European Union to stop refugees. And by helping United States President Trump and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed in their bloody war against the civilians of Yemen. As long as Bashir will continue to do that, Bashir killing his own people in Darfur and elsewhere will not matter to the NATO countries’ political establishment.

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