Sudan’s new Arab Spring

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

In several cities in Sudan since last Wednesday there are protests against price increases and fuel shortages. The demonstrators also call for the resignation of the autocratic president Omar al-Bashir, whose regime is accused of widespread corruption.

The protest is remarkable, because Sudanese [so-called] security forces usually brutally suppress any resistance to Bashir. Last week according to eyewitnesses, about ten demonstrators were killed by police bullets, but that does not seem to scare off the demonstrators.

According to the activists, the police arrested some sixteen politicians of the leftist opposition coalition yesterday in the capital Khartoum. They are accused of having caused the unrest. Schools remain closed in the troubled regions and in some cities a curfew is in effect. …

On social media, images of demonstrators who are being attacked or beaten by the riot police are circulating. … In the meantime, authorities are said to have made access to social media more difficult. …

Prices doubling

A devaluation of the Sudanese pound in October fueled inflation, doubling the prices of basic necessities. Because there is limited cash available, there are long lines at the ATMs.

But the demonstrators emphasize on social media that they are not only taking to the streets out of anger about the price increases or the cash shortage, but that they mainly demand the departure of the corrupt Bashir government.

General Bashir is one of the longest-serving African presidents. He came to power in 1989 after a coup against the democratically elected but weak government of Sadeq al-Mahdi and has been ruling Sudan harshly ever since.

6 thoughts on “Sudan’s new Arab Spring

  1. De Soedanese opstand leeft ook in Nederland, zo bleek vanmiddag (Twitter-verslag)

    Vanmiddag deden in Den Haag zo’n 200 mensen mee aan een demonstratie voor solidariteit met de opstand in Soedan. De tocht voerde van het Malieveld via het ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken naar de Soedanese ambassade. Er hing een optimistische en strijdbare sfeer, een bijna tastbaar gevoel van revolutie. Een verslag in 22 tweets. Lees meer:


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