Sudan dictatorship arrests anti-austerity protesters

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12 January 2018

Three people have died in protests against the rising cost of basic foods in Sudan.

Protests sparked after the government decided to cut subsidies, which led to the increase in prices.

The finance minister says black-market manipulation is the reason behind the recent spike, but analysts blame the government’s policies.

Al Jazeera’s Hiba Morgan reports from Khartoum, Sudan.

By James Tweedie in Britain:

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Africa: Sudan communist leader arrested after bread protest

SUDANESE security forces detained the leader of the country’s Communist Party in the small hours of this morning.

Muhammad Mukhtar al-Khatieb was arrested in a raid on his home at 3am — a day after a protest in the capital Khartoum organised by the Sudanese Communist Party (SCP) against austerity measures that raised the price of bread.

SCP politburo member Fathi Alfadl said that more than 50 political leaders, campaigners and journalists had been detained since yesterday’s demonstration.

They included fellow politburo and central committee member Siddig Yousif and Youssef Hussein, along with human rights campaigner Amal Habani and journalist Mamoun Eltilib.

“We call on all fraternal communist and workers’ parties to demand the immediate release of comrade al-Khatieb and other political detainees”, Mr Alfadl said.

He demanded the authorities “respect their legal rights and allow their legal advisers to meet them, to allow doctors to provide the medical care the detainees need.”

Online news site the Sudan Tribune reported that dozens of people were beaten and arrested by police during yesterday’s march which they claimed was attended by hundreds of people.

However, the Middle East Eye reported that thousands attended the protest.

It was the latest in two weeks of demonstrations over President Omar al-Bashir’s government’s acceptance of demands by the International Monetary Fund to cut wheat subsidies and devalue the Sudanese pound.

The measures were agreed in December’s budget. Now the Sudanese pound trades at 18 to the US dollar, down from six, causing bread prices to soar as a result.

Last week Khartoum state authorities denied the SCP’s request for permission to march to the governor’s office to deliver a statement in protest.

But the party went ahead with yesterday’s march to the presidential palace.

Witness Ahmed Abdul Gadir said: “More than 5,000 people have defiantly gathered in Khartoum’s downtown streets, chanting anti-government slogans.”

SCP spokesman Ali Saeed told Middle East Eye yesterday: “We have reported that more than 60 protesters have been arrested and other political leaders were detained and the detention campaign is still ongoing.”

He said the protests would continue “against the economic suffering of our people, against the war and against the human rights violations.”

The Communist Party of Britain wrote to the Sudanese ambassador today calling for the release of those arrested and, in the meantime, that they be granted access to legal and medical services.

COMMUNISTS across the Middle East have united in a call demanding the Sudanese authorities release several political prisoners who were arrested earlier this week following protests against austerity measures: here.

Protests at soaring bread prices are continuing in Sudan’s main cities, the communist party said last night as it vowed to bring down the country’s “dictatorial regime”: here.

SUDANESE authorities have moved a number of political prisoners to more remote jails, the country’s Communist Party (SCP) revealed yesterday: here.

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  4. ALMOST 60 communist and workers’ parties have signed a new statement in support of jailed Sudanese Communist Party (SCP) leaders.

    The statement, released today, condemned President Omar al-Bashir’s “dictatorial regime” for the arrests made during and following last month’s SCP-organised protests in Khartoum against International Monetary Fund-demanded cuts to wheat subsidies.

    “We believe that the health and lives of the detainees of the Sudanese Communist Party are in imminent danger,” the signatories said, adding that authorities had seized copies of the SCP organ Almidan and other newspapers.

    Last week SCP politburo spokesman Fathi el-Fadl said at least four party leaders, including political secretary Muhammad Mukhtar al-Khatieb, had been transferred to remote prisons in the country’s west, hundreds of miles from Khartoum.

    He said conditions at the Shala prison outside Al-Fashir, the capital of North Darfur state, and Zalingh in the capital of Central Darfur state were bad and that medical care and family visits would be made more difficult by the move.


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