Football world championships, 2018, 2022, 2026

This 2019 video is called 2018 FIFA World Cup™ – The Official Film Trailer.

An 8 June 2018 video used to say about itself:

2018 FIFA World Cup Group A, B, C & D Preview | FIFA World Cup Russia Group stage Analysis | ESPN FC


The trainer of the Spanish team, by the way, has been sacked just before the start of the tournament.

This 12 June 2018 video is called WORLD CUP 2018 Group E & F Preview.

Group E are Brazil, Switzerland, Costa Rica and Serbia.

Group F are Germany, Mexico, Sweden and South Korea.

This video from Britain is called FIFA World Cup 2018™: ‘Group G’ Tactical Preview.

Group G are Belgium, Panama, Tunisia and England.

This video from Britain is called FIFA World Cup 2018™: ‘Group H’ Tactical Preview.

Group H are Poland, Senegal, Colombia and Japan.

The first match will be tomorrow, Russia against Saudi Arabia.

I hope Saudi Arabia will not become world champion. Not because I have anything against Saudi footballers; I have not. Like with all other participants, I wish them good and sporting matches. But because it would be abused as propaganda by the Saudi absolute monarchy. A regime killing its own people, killing immigrant workers, killing Bahraini civilians and massively killing Yemeni civilians. A regime threatening to behead women activists for fighting for the right of women to drive cars, possibly giving them the death penalty as revenge for their victory in that struggle.

I hope the team of some small country with not that much money will become world champion. Maybe Iceland, Costa Rica, Panama or Tunisia? That will be a very uphill struggle for those teams against favourite teams with much more money. Yet, maybe, as the saying goes, a football is round and can go in any direction …

In 2022, the championship will be in Qatar. One should hope that not yet more construction workers will join the thousands of workers who died under Qatar’s horrible labour situation. And that the present cold war between the Qatari and Saudi monarchies will not become a shooting war.

And still four years later:

WORLD CUP WIN FIFA members have voted to award the 2026 World Cup jointly to the United States, Mexico and Canada. The U.S. last hosted the men’s tournament in 1994.

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