Iceland 2-England 1, football celebrated with birds

This video says about itself:

27 June 2016

See how Iceland celebrated knocking out England at UEFA EURO 2016 with their famous slow hand clap in Nice.

Iceland scores two goals. England one.

Iceland has reached the best eight countries in the European football championship. On Sunday, they will play France.

To celebrate this, three bird videos. One for each goal: two Icelandic videos, one British one.

This video shows a redwing near Lake Myvatn in Iceland.

This video is called Whale and bird watching in the northeast of Iceland. Places visited include Husavik, Myvatn and Langanes peninsula.

This video is called Stonechat Bird Chirping and Singing – Birds in Cornwall England.

7 thoughts on “Iceland 2-England 1, football celebrated with birds

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