Koala predicts European football championship results

This 10 May 2016 video shows koala Oobi-Ooobi in Leipzig zoo in Germany.

Tomorrow, the European football championship will start in France with the France-Romania match.

What will the results be? I don’t know. But some animals may know 🙂

From Deutsche Welle in Germany:

Koala to serve as ‘animal oracle’ at Euro 2016

Animals purported to have psychic powers have become tradition at major sporting events in recent years. Now a koala at a zoo in eastern Germany is being put forward as an “oracle” for the European Football Championship.

The Australian marsupial, named Oobi-Ooobi, joins a long list of animals from elephants to octopi who have been recruited to predict the outcome of soccer games.

Leipzig Zoo offered up Oobi-Ooobi as a possible oracle candidate on Wednesday for Germany’s national football team during the Euro 2016 in France.

However, the zoo acknowledged it had not consulted the German Football Association about its initiative, but backed Oobi-Ooobi as a viable, clairvoyant contender.

“As an Australian, he’ll have an impartial view of the football matches,” a zoo spokeswoman told DPA news agency.

Oobi-Ooobi arrived at Leipzig Zoo in April [from Belgium], where he’s already proven a hit with the public. But as far as clairvoyant creatures go, he’s got some big shoes to fill. Four years ago, Paul the Octopus from the German city of Oberhausen became a worldwide phenomenon after accurately predicting the winners of all of Germany’s matches at the 2010 World Cup.

Paul, who has since passed away, communicated his supposed insights by choosing between two glass boxes of mussels – one with the German flag and the other bearing that of the opposing team. The case he opened first was deemed to be his predicted winner.

A number of different animals have since been conscripted into the prediction business in Germany. Nelly the Elephant from Lüneburg Heath, for example, made predictions by shooting a soccer ball into two different goals. Hitting the goalpost assigned to the opposing team apparently meant Germany would win their next match.

This music video is called Nellie The Elephant (Toy Dolls).

Then there was Momario, a tortoise from Schleswig-Holstein, who had to choose between national flags made of green leafy veggies. Armadillo Taka from Erfurt chose winners by eating boiled chicken skin.

Leipzig Zoo says Oobi-Ooobi will be called on to make his first prediction on June 12, when Germany takes on Ukraine. But zoo officials are yet to reveal how their marsupial will channel his psychic talents.

Koalas, known for their round fluffy ears and large black noses, often sleep up to 20 hours a day and feed almost exclusively on eucalyptus leaves. The zoo is currently cultivating 23 different eucalyptus varieties at a special plantation north of Leipzig in order to cater to its oracle’s needs.

Oobi-Ooobi isn’t the zoo’s first animal oracle. In 2013, a Malayan tapir named Baru was made to predict the outcome of the Champions League final between Bayern Munich and Dortmund. In that case, Baru’s bite into a kohlrabi representing Dortmund’s black and yellow colors, unfortunately, proved incorrect.

Another Leipzig Zoo resident, Heidi the cross-eyed opossum, gained international fame with her role as oracle in the 2011 Academy Awards. The animal became an internet sensation with hundreds of thousands of fans on Facebook. She also made an appearance on American TV’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!, where she predicted the winners of three Oscar categories.

25 May 2016

As for me, I won’t predict. I hope some small country, like Iceland, Albania, Wales, six counties Ireland or twenty-six counties Ireland, will win. But I can never be sure about that.

16 thoughts on “Koala predicts European football championship results

  1. Friday 10th June 2016

    posted by Morning Star in Sport

    Dragons are firing on all cylinders, insists star winger

    WALES are no one-man band at Euro 2016, the star of the squad insisted yesterday.

    Gareth Bale scored seven of Wales’s 11 goals and provided assists for another two in qualifying for France.

    But he dismissed the idea that he alone ended the Dragons’ 58-year wait for a major tournament.

    “It’s never a one-man team, for us it’s a squad thing,” he told the press pack.

    “We’re together stronger and it’s there for a reason — we don’t just say it for no reason.

    “We all work hard as one unit, we attack as one and we defend as one. When we lose the ball we all fight back to get it.

    “People can write what they want, but we all know that we work very hard on the training pitch every day.”

    Bale nonetheless carries the hopes of a nation on his shoulders, but he says he is unconcerned by the weight of expectation.

    Neither is he bothered by the possibility that he could be a marked man at the tournament, and the 26-year-old has no interest in calling for greater protection from referees.

    “Obviously you’d like to think you’ll get protection but all referees are different. You hope that they referee the game fairly — that’s all you can ask for really.”

    At Wales’s media centre in Dinard, Bale also spoke by video link to Gwyn Morris, his former Whitchurch High School PE teacher, and two current pupils of his old Cardiff school.

    Asked by one pupil which former Welsh player Bale would have in the side now, said: “Ryan Giggs, he was my hero growing up.

    “He was an amazing player and it would have been amazing for him to play on the international stage like this as well.”

    Wales follow the Slovakia opener in Bordeaux on Saturday with games against England and Russia.

    The focus is very much on getting out of the group and into the knock-out stages.

    “We do not want to come here and make up the numbers,” said Bale.

    “We have done something that we have not done in a long time, but now we want to do even better.

    “We are concentrated on what we need to do, we are working hard and come game time we will be ready to go, 100 per cent.”



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