Stop Yemen war, protest 11 December New York City

Protest against war in Yemen

From Code Pink in the USA:

Let Yemen Live: Protest at the U.N.

On the Monday after Human Rights Day, December 11, we will be performing nonviolent civil disobedience at the U.S. and Saudi missions to demand an end to US support and assistance to the Saudi-led war on Yemen. Meet at Ralph Bunche Park at 10:30AM, and then we will march towards the U.S. and Saudi missions at noon.


10:30 am:
– Gather at Ralph Bunche Park, 43rd Street & 1st Avenue, Manhattan

12:00 Noon:
– March up 1st Avenue to 45th Street
– Respectfully refuse to disperse from entrances to the US and Saudi Missions


— Lift the blockade and allow food and medical assistance to be delivered
— Cease all attacks on schools, hospitals, water treatment plants, and civilians
— End US military assistance, including refueling, to Saudi Arabia
— Urge all sides to refrain from war crimes and pursue a negotiated end to civil war

For questions, contact Felton Davis c/o Catholic Worker (

To join CODEPINK there, contact Ariel at

Endorsed by:

Voices for Creative Nonviolence, World Beyond War, Pax Christi Metro NY, Peace Action NY, NYC Raging Grannies, Kairos Community, Granny Peace Brigade, Uptown Progressive Action,, Sander Hicks for Congress, Veterans For Peace – NYC Chap. 034, NYC War Resisters League.

The Humanitarian Crisis in Yemen Is Very Much the Result of a US-Saudi War: here.

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