Saudi slaughter of Yemeni civilians continues

North Yemen homes destroyed today, AFP photo

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

An air strike in northern Yemen killed at least 26 people. Dozens of people were injured. The attacks were in Sa’dah province, where Saudi Arabia regularly conducts air attacks

A hotel, shops and a busy market were completely destroyed. Press office AP reports that another warplane attack occurred in the province, killing three people. …

Three million people have fled because of the violence. There is an urgent lack of food, water and medical assistance. More than seven million people are balancing on the verge of starvation according to the UN.

TRUMP THROWS HIS SUPPORT BEHIND SAUDI LEADERS Following the purge. However, Trump’s Russia probe lawyer previously represented one of the men targeted, billionaire Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal. [HuffPost]

3 thoughts on “Saudi slaughter of Yemeni civilians continues

  1. Thursday 2nd October 2017

    THE SAUDI-led invasion coalition massacred at least 29 civilians in an air raid in northern Yemen yesterday.

    The latest atrocity in the three-year war occurred when jets pounded a hotel in the al-Layl market in the Sahar district of Sa’ada province, which borders Saudi Arabia.

    Yemen’s Saba news agency said the hotel was crowded with workers and shopkeepers when the air strike hit.

    Photos showed at least 15 charred bodies at the local hospital and the body of a child being pulled from the wreckage.

    Witness Ahmed Mohammed said: “This is an act of aggression by the Americans, the Saudis … and by God’s will we will take revenge one day.”

    The US-backed coalition did not comment on the slaughter.

    Sa’ada and the capital Sana to the south are controlled by the de-facto Government of National Salvation fighting the nine-nation coalition which has occupied the southern port city of Aden.


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