Dutch social democrats withdraw support for Big Brother law

This video from the Netherlands says about itself:

Dutch intelligence pulls an NSA

12 October 2017

Some personal information about you that was completely innocent & harmless in 1938, could get you killed a few years later.

Mass surveillance is inherently dangerous, but the Dutch government does it anyway.

Recently, the Dutch government proposed a a new law which attacks civil liberties by enormously increasing secret police powers to spy on citizens.

On 1 November 2017, the Dutch election authority decided that there will be a referendum in which people can vote for or against that law on 21 March 2018; the day of the local elections.

The PvdA is the Dutch social democratic party, a sister of the British Labour party. Recently, they were infected by Blairite disease and their position as junior partner in a right-wing coalition government with the pro Big Business VVD party.

That cost them most of their voters in the 2017 general election: their number of MPs dropped from 38 to 9.

PvdA MPs both in the Lower House and in the Senate had voted in favour of the Big Brother law.

However, today new party chair Vedelaar has said that the PvdA will not campaign to vote Yes to that law in the referendum, as opinion among party members is divided.

12 thoughts on “Dutch social democrats withdraw support for Big Brother law

  1. Very opportunistic. I’m not sure of this will help to win back all those voters they lost. PvdA voted for the law so they must have tough it to be a good law. If so they must support it if not they should never have voted for it. So they are doomed which way they go.


    • I think you are right this is opportunism. Already when the PvdA was in coalition government with the VVD, many PvdA grassroots members and voters opposed that law. However, the PvdA leaders thought jobs as ministers were more important.

      Now, however the PvdA is the smallest of three officially leftist parties in opposition. They work with the GroenLinks and Socialist parties, eg, in the petition against higher Value Added Tax. If the PvdA would now campaign for that Big Brother law, then GroenLinks and Socialist Party which oppose it would not like that. And many people who are still PvdA members or voters might leave.


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