18 thoughts on “Dutch Labour Party youth opposes government’s austerity

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  2. Britain:

    The London Young Labour Executive passed policy opposing the attacks on the Labour-union link and in defence of unions’ right to intervene collectively in politics at its 24 July meeting.

    The text is below. Could your CLP pass similar text?

    London Young Labour notes:
    The Labour Party was founded by the trade unions because the working class majority in society had no political voice representing their interests.
    The Labour Party is still based on the affiliation of nearly three million working-class people through their trade unions.
    The subordination over the past 20 years of the influence of rank and file members and the trade unions in the Labour Party to the influence of big business and a right wing press.
    The current attacks on Unite in relation to the Falkirk West CLP selection process, and the broader attack on the Labour-union link by the right-wing media, Tories and those in the Labour Party opposed to the trade union link.

    London Young Labour believes:
    Any weakening of the trade union link and the ability of trade unions and their members to participate in the Labour party should be opposed.
    As the mass organisations of working-class people, affiliated trade unions are entitled to use the democratic structures of the Labour Party in order to promote their policies and members who wish to seek selection as elected representatives of the Labour Party.

    London Young Labour resolves:
    To defend the right of affiliated trade unions and their members to take part in the selection of candidates at every level of the party.
    To politically educate ourselves about the ideas of working-class representation and the Labour Party and the unions’ role in this, and to call a London Young Labour meeting on this topic before the end of August.
    To encourage more young trade unionists to become involved in the work of London Young Labour.
    To work with affiliated trade unions to win support at Labour Party conferences for democratic rule changes and for pro-working-class policies on issues such as cuts, the living wage, jobs, and trade union rights.
    To write to NEC Youth Representative Bex Bailey urging her to raise the issues outlined in this motion on the NEC.
    To write to Ed Miliband, to the Labour Party General Secretary and to the Labour Party NEC to demand the publication of the enquiry into Falkirk West CLP and to re-iterate the right of the CLP to select its own Westminster parliamentary candidate in accordance with the party rule book.
    To circulate the text of this motion to the Secretaries of Young Labour groups and CLP youth officers in London.


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