Birds, butterfly and plants of peatland

Korenburgerveen, 26 April 2017

This photo from 26 April 2017, the day after 25 April, is from the Korenburgerveen, a peatland nature reserve near Winterswijk.

As we traveled to the Korenburgerveen, near the Borkense baan flew a male bullfinch.

Near the old Berenschot water mill and its fish corridor, a grey wagtail near the bank.

A hare crossing the bicycle track.

At the Korenburgerveen, a green woodpecker calls.

Near the Rommelpot restaurant, a buzzard calls.

We follow the trail in the Meddose Veen, the northern part of the Korenburgerveen.

A willow warbler, and a blackbird, singing.

Meddose Veen, 26 April 2017

We arrive at a lake. This photo shows common cottongrass on its bank.

A relative, tussock cottongrass, grows in the Meddose Veen as well.

Meddose Veen trail, 26 April 2017

Great spotted woodpecker sound.

The trail was sometimes dry …

Cottongrass, 26 April 2017

… sometimes muddy, eg, if water-loving cottongrass grew near it.

Cottongrass, on 26 April 2017

Cottongrass, Meddose Veen, on 26 April 2017

A male orange tip butterfly sits down near the trail.

Orange tip butterfly, 26 April 2017

As we walk back, a great egret and a grey heron at a wetland. And greenshanks.

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