Nuthatch along the Slinge river, redstart sings

Slinge, Bekendelle, 25 April 2017

After 24 April 2017, on 25 April to the Bekendelle forest along the upper Slinge river.

Willow warbler singing.

Song thrush.


Blackbird, chaffinch, great spotted woodpecker sound.

Ground-ivy, 25 April 2017

Ground-ivy and dandelion flowers on a fallen tree along the river.

Slinge, Bekendelle, on 25 April 2017

A bit further, a nuthatch on the lower part of another tree.

Redstart, Winterswijk, 25 April 2017

As we came back to the garden, a male redstart singing on a deciduous tree.

Long-tailed tit, 25 April 2017

Then, another bird landed on the coniferous tree: a long-tailed tit.

2 thoughts on “Nuthatch along the Slinge river, redstart sings

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