‘Brunstad Christian Church in dolphinarium financial scandal’

Female members of Brunstad Christian Church, photo by Sophie Aaserud, NTB scanpix, Aftenposten

This photo from Norway does not depict Roman Catholic nuns. It also does not depict conservative Muslim women, or ultra orthodox Jewish women. It depicts female members of the Brunstad Christian Church, in religiously ordained ‘modest’ clothes.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

“Suspended Railway Museum boss also fraudulent at Dolphinarium

Today, 09:49

Marten Foppen, who was suspended last week as director of the Railway Museum, may also may have tampered with Dolphinarium money. He was Dolphinarium [in Harderwijk] director until 2015. NRC daily writes that basing itself on internal emails which the prosecution has seized in 2016. Foppen is said to have transferred rent for the Dolfinarium to his own account.

The emails include correspondence between Foppen and his brother-in-law, a Brunstad Christian Church member.

The Brunstad Christian Church, aka ‘Smith’s Venner’, are a fundamentalist, homophobic group. In the Netherlands, there are recent reports about financial fraud, child labour and tax dodging in this church.

They have controversies in Norway, where their international headquarters is, as well.

The Brunstad Christian Church, a cult, held meetings twice in the Dolphinarium and Foppen sent them a bill of 8,500 euros. That amount was to be paid into an account that was not the Dolphinarium’s.

The [present] director of the Dolphinarium confirmed to the NOS that a bill from the aquatic animals zoo had been found which mentioned Foppen’s private account number. …

Railway museum

Marten Foppen according to the theme park website Looopings stands accused of fraud and conflicts of interest at the Utrecht Railway Museum. He is said to have used money from the museum for parties. He is also said to have given contracts to his wife’s business.


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