Norwegian woman’s, journalists’ criticism of Brunstad Christian Church’s businesses

This 2012 video from Norway is called Brunstad Conference Center (Architectural Competition). This conference center is owned by a controversial religious organisation.

The Brunstad Christian Church, aka ‘Smith’s Venner’, are a fundamentalist, homophobic group. In the Netherlands, there are recent reports about financial fraud, child labour and tax dodging in this church.

They have controversies in Norway, where their international headquarters is, as well.

Translated from local paper Sandefjords Blad in Norway:

What about the reputation of their Brunstad Christian Church?

By Grethe Reiziger, Hunsrød

Published: January 25, 2016 at 9:49

I have read with interest last week’s posting in Sandefjords Blad about Brunstad Christian Church (BKM), their work and role in society and our local community. It has not helped to improve the church’s reputation.

As the BKM bought a farm in Hunsrød, I have tried to understand the church’s intention to buy a farm with a license. I’ve now understood: to make as much money as possible by building houses on farmland, so that the church may receive finances to realize their expansion plans at Tømmermannsløkka (Torp conference center) and get more money for Brunstad, where they have started a giant development of billions of krone. This does not contribute to strengthening the church’s reputation.

Our local politicians should wake up, decide whether to approve this development at Hunsrød, thus facilitating a business form that many people have put a critical spotlight on: in Sandefjords Blad, in Tønsbergs Blad, Drammens Tidende, Moss Avis, Bergens Tidende, Dagens Næringsliv, the Labour Inspectorate, the construction workers’ trade union [see here], NHO [the Norwegian employers’ organisation], the construction industry ( to name just a few!

I pray that our local politicians ask some critical questions and consider whether they will facilitate this type of business here in Sandefjord:

To what degree does BKM add value for our communities?
To what extent does BKM create jobs in the community?
To what extent are BKM’s commercial activities competition on equal terms in business?
To what extent does BKM practice sustainable development?

BKM’s business strategy is characterized by founding separate stock-based companies which it owns. These commercial operations aim at collecting as much money as possible by unpaid labour.

See also here.

On 2 November 2016 it became known that Media Markt in the Netherlands had severed it links to Brunstad Christian Church businesses because of the child labour scandal.

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