Cuban black-throated blue warblers and pygmy owl

Black-throated blue warbler, 10 March 2017

Still 10 March 2017, in a nature reserve not far from Camaguey city in Cuba. After seeing the ovenbird and other birds there, we saw this male black-throated blue warbler, on his way back to North America. Sometimes he was on the ground, sometimes on a fallen log.

Cuban peewee, 10 March 2017

A Cuban peewee.

The bus went back. 13:35: a great egret along the road.

We went to Belen nature reserve, like yesterday.

A palm crow.

Cuban pygmy owl, 10 March 2017

Then, a special bird: a Cuban pygmy owl. Though it was small and hiding on a big tree, we did see it.

An American kestrel on a palm tree top.

A Cuban trogon.

Two plain pigeon feathers on the footpath.

A giant kingbird.

Cuban parakeets flying.

West Indian woodpecker, on 10 March 2017

A West Indian woodpecker on a tree trunk …

West Indian woodpecker in Cuba, on 10 March 2017

and on a small branch.

Another woodpecker species: a yellow-bellied sapsucker.

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