5 thoughts on “Donald Trump attacks Cuba again

  1. We spent several weeks in Cuba this summer, I can say with certainty Cubans consider Trump the devil. During our travels we met 3 Americans – one allowed to visit family, another granted permission to visit as a freelance photographer, the last a high school music teacher from Texas collaborating with Conga musicians at Carnival in Santiago de Cuba. The first stayed with family, photographer and music teacher weren’t allowed to stay at hotels, they had to book room in private homes via PayPal, American bank or credit cards not accepted. On the day we met music teacher he was frantically trying to contact his bank. Seems he tried to use a credit card at the airport and all his accounts were frozen. Eventually he got through, bank told him financial transactions with Cuba were illegal, it was non negotiable, they’d make a decision on reinstating accounts when he returned to Texas.
    Utterly ridiculous, malicious, punitive and misguided censure by Trumpish fools. Sigh.


      • On our first rip to Cuba in 2008, around the corner from our hotel “Obama Taco” beckoned . It dominated a busy corner in Zona Rosa, Obama’s image reproduced on a massive canvas banner, a message of hope, change and brighter future. This summer Obama banner was gone. The restaurant hadn’t changed, but minus Obama’s reassuring image the street had lost its lustre.


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