Saudi air force kills Yemeni prisoners, other civilians

This 30 October 2016 video is called 45 people are killed in Yemen. Cause: [Saudi] Arab coalition air strike.

From the Sydney Morning Herald in Australia:

October 30 2016 – 2:55PM

Yemen air strikes kill prisoners and civilians as president rejects peace plan

Sanaa: Dozens of prisoners and security personnel are feared dead after Saudi-led air strikes battered two prisons inside a security headquarters in a western port city in Yemen.

Security and medical officials say the air strikes bombed the al-Zaydiya security headquarters in the Red Sea port city of Hodeida on Saturday. The building contained two prisons and many prisoners along with security forces have been killed in the strikes, the officials said.

The city is under control of Yemen’s Shiite Houthi rebels who seized the capital and much of the northern region in 2014. The Houthis’ TV network al-Masirah said that 43 people were killed in the airstrikes …

The prison strikes came after at least 18 civilians were killed in Yemen’s south-western province of Taiz on Saturday by an air strike that struck a house, local officials and residents said.

The exiled Hadi on Saturday rejected a UN peace proposal to end the turmoil.

Field Marshal Hadi used to be vice president in the pre-2011 United States and Saudi-supported dictatorship. Under Saudi pressure, he was then ‘elected’ president in ‘elections’ in which he was the only candidate. As Houthi rebels advanced, Hadi resigned and fled to Saudi Arabia. However, the Saudi royals pressured him into becoming a Saudi puppet president-in-exile.

United Nations aid agencies warned Friday that Yemen, after 18 months of savage bombardment in a US-backed war waged by Saudi Arabia and its fellow oil monarchies, is facing a catastrophic crisis threatening mass starvation: here.

It is hypocritical for the West to condemn Russia while at the same time aiding and abetting Saudi atrocities in Yemen, writes LINDSEY GERMAN: here.

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