Dictator Saleh of Yemen, Pentagon ally

This video from the USA says about itself:

Jeremy Scahill: As Mass Uprising Threatens the Saleh Regime, a Look at the Covert U.S. War in Yemen

The crisis in Yemen is growing following high-level defections from the regime of U.S.-backed President Ali Abudullah Saleh. On Monday, a dozen top military leaders announced their pledge to protect the protest movement after 45 people were killed and some 350 were wounded when Yemeni forces opened fire on demonstrators in the capital of Sana’a on Friday—after two months of nationwide demonstrations. In recent years, the United States has provided hundreds of millions of dollars in military and security aid to Yemen. “The Obama administration has really escalated the covert war inside of Yemen and has dramatically increased the funding to Yemen’s military, particularly its elite counterterrorism unit, which is trained by U.S. Special Operations Forces,” says Democracy Now! correspondent and independent journalist Jeremy Scahill. “It could get much worse if Ali Abdullah Saleh decides to unleash the U.S.-trained counterterrorist units on his own population.” [includes rush transcript]

9 thoughts on “Dictator Saleh of Yemen, Pentagon ally

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