Big anti-fascist demonstration in London, England

This video from London, England says about itself:

Max Levitas, Battle of Cable Street Veteran: EDL Not Welcome in Tower Hamlets, 07 09 2013

By Sofia Lotto Persio, in east London, England:

Still fighting the fascist menace

Monday 10th October 2016

Thousands flock to Cable Street to celebrate historic victory over Mosley’s Blackshirts

THE FIGHT against racism and fascism is as vital today as it was 80 years ago in the historic Battle of Cable Street, activists warned yesterday.

Thousands turned out for a march and rally at the site of the famous victory over Oswald Mosley and his fascist Blackshirts.

Among them was Jeremy Corbyn, who labelled one of the most important events in the left-wing calendar “a celebration of multicultural and multifaith society.”

The Labour leader revealed his personal ties to the 1936 battle, recalling that his mother Naomi was one of the people standing in the crowd of communists, trade unionists, Christians and Jews who prevented Mosley and his Blackshirts from marching.

“She wanted to live in a world free from xenophobia and free from hatred,” he said.

That desire was clearly still shared among the thousands of people from different backgrounds who marched shoulder to shoulder yesterday from Altab Ali Park to the Cable Street mural in St George’s Gardens.

The rally sent a strong message to the government.

Unite’s Susan Matthews said: “We will not be defeated by lies, we will not be defeated by tricks but, most importantly, you will never defeat our solidarity.”

Max Levitas, a 101-year-old Cable Street veteran, said: “Now is the time to stand together as brothers.

“They are trying to break the labour movement, which they’ll never be able to do. We are indivisible!”

Fire Brigades Union general secretary Matt Wrack reminded the crowds that the Establishment and newspapers such as the Daily Mail backed the fascists in 1936, and many of the challenges faced by anti-fascists then are still here today.

“They are still seeking to divide us!” he roared from the stage. “Workers from all countries, unite! Solidarity forever!”

TUC general secretary Frances O’Grady said: “Those who practice the politics of hate exploit low pay, rubbish jobs, rip-off housing and weak public services. “Instead of fuelling hostility against decent people in search of a better life, the government should focus on improving working people’s lives and tackling bad bosses.”

Mr Corbyn spoke too of unity in face of the “disgusting” rise in xenophobia. “We will not allow the far right to divide us when we make social progress in our society,” he said.

He accused the Tories of blaming their own government’s failures on immigrants, while the shortages in housing, and issues with the NHS are caused by austerity politics rather than migration.

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