British Liberal Democrat politician defects to Labour

Richmond Councillor Jennifer Churchill and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn

This photo, from the Richmond and Twickenham Times in London, England, has as its caption: ‘New Labour Councillor Jennifer Churchill and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn‘. A caption which may be a bit misleading. As the phrase ‘New’ Labour is often used for the old Tory policies of Tony Blair and his ilk. While Councillor Ms Jennifer Churchill did not join Labour when it had a ‘New Labour‘ leader, but she joins Labour now when that party has a really new leader: Jeremy Corbyn.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Lib Dem defector: Farron has no vision

Wednesday 23rd September 2015

A LIB Dem councillor defected to Labour yesterday, accusing her former party of “parroting Tory economic propaganda.”

New Lib Dem leader Tim Farron said this week that he expected Jeremy Corbyn’s election as Labour leader to spark defections to his party.

But Jennifer Churchill, who represents Richmond in west London, said Mr Farron “doesn’t seem to stand for anything.”

And speaking to the Twickenham Times about her decision, she said: “I wouldn’t say it has been coming for a long time — when Jeremy Corbyn was elected it became a real possibility.

“The Labour Party’s policies are more in line with my own views.”

Ms Churchill becomes Labour’s first councillor in Richmond, which was represented by Vince Cable, for over 13 years until May.

Defections from the Lib Dems to Labour were predicted this week by former Richmond Park MP Baroness Tonge.

“I know lots of Lib Dems that are contemplating supporting Jeremy Corbyn, including me,” she said.

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  2. Thursday 24th September 2015

    posted by Luke James in Britain

    Cathy Come Home director Ken Loach whisks away Tim Farron’s ‘caring’ mantle

    DIRECTOR Ken Loach has delivered a devastating knock-back to Tim Farron after the Lib Dem leader said he had been “energised” by the film-maker’s work. Mr Farron revealed yesterday that he had been inspired to enter politics after watching Cathy Come Home as a teenager.

    The groundbreaking TV docu-drama showed how a family can be made homeless through no fault of their own. In his party conference speech, Mr Farron told activists the programme had “lit a flame in me.”

    He said: “It made me angry, it energised me, it made me want to get up and get involved. And so I did, and I haven’t stopped.”

    First broadcast on the BBC in 1966, Cathy Come Home had a huge impact and sparked the establishment of housing charity Shelter.

    Mr Farron said yesterday that “not nearly enough has changed” since he watched a rerun as a 14-year-old. Pledging his party to a target of building 300,000 homes a year, he said communities were still “picking up the pieces of Mrs Thatcher’s destruction of council housing.”

    “We will not allow David Cameron to destroy that work too,” he vowed.But he also used the speech to launch a passionate defence of his party’s decision to prop up a Tory government for the last five years. Mr Farron claimed: “We paid a heavy price for our time in government but we did right by our country.”

    Mr Loach, who directed Cathy Come Home, made clear that he did not share a mutual admiration of Mr Farron’s work.

    He told the Star: “It’s a pity we didn’t inspire Tim Farron to be a real radical.

    “Defending the coalition government is a betrayal of ordinary people. “Homelessness gets worse and worse and the answer lies in houses built by local authorities like Nye Bevan did in the 1940s.” Labour accused Tim Farron of attempting to “rewrite history” over the the Lib Dems’ time in coalition with the Tories.


  3. Thursday 1st October 2015

    posted by Luke James in Britain

    JEREMY CORBYN’S first speech to conference as Labour leader sparked a 2,200 surge in Labour’s membership.

    Deputy leader Tom Watson revealed the boost yesterday as he sent delegates home from conference in buoyant mood with his own fiery speech.

    Mr Watson contrasted the “great gathering of the Labour clan” with last week’s Lib Dem conference, that he said “could have been held in a broom cupboard.”

    “More people joined Labour in a month than the total membership of the Lib Dems,” he boasted.

    “That’s a fact — 2,200 joined yesterday alone.”

    And former Lib Dem MP Lembit Opik could be about to join that number.

    Speaking on Russia Today yesterday, Mr Opik praised Mr Corbyn and said he was considering joining the Labour Party.

    Giving his verdict on Mr Corbyn’s speech at Labour conference, he said: “Corbyn’s proved something — when the going gets tough Jeremy Corbyn gets going.”

    He added: “Maybe I should join Labour.”

    But Mr Watson was more concerned yesterday with addressing the “waste of our natural talent is the lack of working-class Labour MPs.

    “Don’t get me wrong, we need special advisers, but we can’t afford to be a party which only promotes people like that,” he said.

    Labour must also reach out to “hard-pressed proletarians” like self-employed workers, he said.

    In a final message to delegates before the chorus of The Red Flag, Mr Watson said Labour should end its “summer of introspection” and “kick these nasty Tories down the road where they belong.”,200-to-join-Labour-Party#.Vg0N15eKY5s


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