British Blairite anti-Corbyn putschists help Conservatives, UKIP

This video shows a demonstration of over 10,000 people (estimate by the police) at Parliament Square in London on 27 July 2016, supporting democratically elected left-wing party leader Jeremy Corbyn, and opposing the Blairite attempts to depose him by a coup.

100% behind Jeremy Corbyn say BFAWU, RMT, ASLEF, PCS, GMB and FBU trade unions: here.

Deselect the right wing Blairite MPs who want to split the Labour Party: here.

Majority of new Labour members support deselecting MPs who undermine Jeremy Corbyn. The finding comes admit an attempted coup by Labour MPs to oust Jeremy Corbyn: here.

An exclusive investigation by The Canary can reveal that the current Labour ‘coup’ being instigated against Jeremy Corbyn appears to have been orchestrated by a PR company where Tony Blair’s arch spin-doctor, Alastair Campbell, is a senior advisor: here.

Corbyn and the European Union referendum: here.

By Conrad Landin in Britain:

RMT AGM: Labour traitors have ruined our moment

Tuesday 28th June 2016

Cash blasts ‘self-indulgent MPs’ for sabotaging left’s moment

“SELF-INDULGENT” Labour MPs have squandered the left’s best moment to go on the offensive, RMT general secretary Mick Cash said yesterday.

He used his address to the transport union’s annual general meeting to warn of “massive fights ahead” amid “political and economic turmoil.”

He said the divisions in the Tory Party and shockwaves in the world of capital should have been an opportunity for the left to get its message across. But he said this had been sabotaged by frontbenchers resigning and calling for Jeremy Corbyn’s head.

He fumed: “What have they done? Self-indulgence. They’ve created division, they created a lack of leadership of progressive forces.

“They’ve created a situation where, if we’re not careful, we’ll have a Tory government — and worse, a Tory government supported by Ukip.

“We need to seize the opportunity to put forward an agenda to fight against austerity, against cuts and for workers’ rights. But that won’t happen if our politicians in London are playing the game they’re playing.

Ordinary working people are sick of the political class and what they’re doing, and yet they’re doing it again.”

On the first full day of the conference, delegates also heard from drivers’ union Aslef general secretary Mick Whelan, who slammed Labour’s quitters for “turning inwards and turning back.”

Welsh Counsel-General Mick Antoniw unleashed his fury on the plotters when reporting back from the RMT’s Welsh Assembly group. He said the MPs who staggered their resignations throughout the day were an “absolute disgrace” and were seeking to establish the Parliamentary Labour Party as the “main definitive body of the party,” superior to members and affiliated unions.

“I think what has happened is a staged, planned, undemocratic and unconstitutional coup,” he stormed.

“I know that if there was another leadership election and Jeremy stood, I would vote for him. I also know members who didn’t vote for him last time who said they would this time.”

ONE of the MPs behind the coup to remove Jeremy Corbyn was plotting to oust the Labour leader before he was even elected, an activist revealed yesterday: here.

DENNIS SKINNER spoke for Labour members across Britain yesterday, sticking two fingers up at the MPs who have thrown the party into chaos by launching a coup against Jeremy Corbyn: here.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Who’s who: Corbyn’s new shadow cabinet

Tuesday 28th June 2016

Emily Thornberry
Job: Foreign
Replacing: Hilary Benn
Supported Yvette Cooper for the leadership but lent Mr Corbyn, MP for the neighbouring constituency, her nomination for leader to get him on the ballot paper. Went head-to-head on TV with one of Mr Corbyn’s detractors yesterday, saying: “Now is not the time for the Labour Party to be plunged into turmoil.”

Diane Abbott
Job: Health
Replacing: Heidi Alexander
Has experience for the brief after serving as shadow minister for public health under Ed Miliband. Mr Miliband famously asked her whether she should be sacked for calling for more left-wing policies.

Pat Glass
Job: Education
Replacing: Lucy Powell
Was brought into the shadow cabinet to replace Pat McFadden as Europe shadow after he spoke out against Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership. …

Andy Mcdonald
Job: Transport
Replacing: Lilian Greenwood
One of the most left-wing members of the shadow cabinet who has repeatedly called for the public ownership of the railways. Supported Andy Burnham in last year’s leadership contest but has been outspoken in defence of Mr Corbyn.

Clive Lewis
Job: Defence
Replacing: Emily Thornberry
Brings front-line experience to the roll having served three months in Afghanistan with the Territorial Army in 2009. Could not be at defence questions in Parliament yesterday though as he was travelling back from Glastonbury where he had been speaking at the Left Field.

This video is called Labour Party MP Clive Lewis on why he’s supporting the Stop Trident national demonstration on Saturday 27 February 2016 in London.

Rebecca Long-Bailey
Job: Treasury secretary
Replacing: Seema Malhotra
Replaced arch-Blairite Hazel Blears at the 2015 general election with the support of Unite and elevated to Labour’s NEC by Jeremy Corbyn shortly afterwards to replace Hilary Benn. Nominated Mr Corbyn in the last leadership election.

Kate Osamor
Job: International Development
Replacing: Diane Abbott
A prominent Unite activist before entering Parliament and one of Jeremy Corbyn’s first supporters in last year’s leadership election. Has history with the right of the party after Neil Kinnock blocked her mother Martha as Labour’s candidate in the 1989 Vauxhall by-election.

Rachel Maskell
Job: Environment
Replacing: Kerry McCarthy
A physio who rose to become Unite’s head of health, leading 100,000 health workers in strike action against the Tories’ public-sector pay freeze in 2014. As an MP for York Central, she was hugely critical of the government’s response to the flooding that struck the area over Christmas.

Cat Smith
Job: Voter engagement
Replacing: Gloria De Piero
Was at the meeting where Mr Corbyn was persuaded to stand for leader and helped canvass support among MPs. Had strong words for colleagues yesterday, saying: “The priority has to be the country and the economy right now and we don’t have the luxury of this naval-gazing, self-indulgent attempt at a coup.”

Dave Anderson
Job: Northern Ireland
Replacing: Vernon Coaker
Worked as a miner for 20 years before retraining in social care and going on to serve as president of Unison. He has been a member of the Northern Ireland affairs select committee since 2005.

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