Jeremy Corbyn victory in British Labour, bigger than last year

This video from Britain says about itself:

Jeremy Corbyn’s acceptance speech after being elected Labour leader in full

24 September 2016

Jeremy Corbyn has urged Labour to “wipe the slate clean” after he was re-elected as party leader following a bitter campaign which saw him defeat challenger Owen Smith.

The votes in the British Labour leadership election have been counted today. Left-winger Jeremy Corbyn won with 62% of the votes, against 38% for Blairite and Pfizerite right-winger Owen Smith.

Compared to last year, when Corbyn was first elected as Labour leader, Corbyn got 3 more % points and 62,000 more votes.

And that after a year-long smear campaign by the corporate media, including the ‘liberal’ Guardian and Independent, and by the Conservative government, aided and abetted by Blairite ‘Westminster bubble’ politicians’ sabotage … after all kinds of dirty tricks by unelected Blairite party bureaucrats to stop pro-Corbyn Labour members from voting.

Congratulations, Jeremy!

Len McCluskey, general secretary of the pro-Corbyn Unite trade union, reacted:

We urge Labour MPs to heed the signal sent by the members – twice now in one year – about the direction they want for the party. This includes respecting and supporting the elected leader and his team; no more sniping, plotting and corridor coups.

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