British anti-Corbyn plot paid by ex?-nazi Mosley

This video from England says about itself:

[Sir Oswald] Mosley Tries Again (1962)

Mosley tries again. Manchester and Dalston, London.

L/S Crowds of demonstrators in Manchester street. L/S Zoom in to show policemen grappling with demonstrator. M/S As policeman falls on top of man. C/U Man holding handkerchief to cut face. L/S Zoom in, fights in progress. M/S As policemen throw woman to ground. C/U Mosley – pan – L/S Pan, crowded Dalston Street. M/S Crowd arguing before the meeting. Police officers break in and start to push a man away presumably to one of the vans. C/U Mosley’s son Max [arrested then by police for violence].

The Blairite coup against the democratically elected British Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn already was known to have the support of Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron (by now, ex-Prime Minister).

Now, it turns out that coup is supported financially by someone with a neonazi political past; and an unclear political present: Max Mosley, ex-Formula One car racing boss. Max Mosley is the son of Sir Oswald Mosley, British nazi fuehrer in the twentieth century. Son Max used to be an election candidate for his father’s fascist party. After his father’s death, Max Mosley ‘briefly worked for the Conservative Party‘.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Mosley gave £200,000 to Watson after coup began

Thursday 14th July 2016

TOM WATSON received a £200,000 donation from former F1 boss Max Mosley at the height of the Labour coup against Jeremy Corbyn, it was revealed yesterday.

The donation to the Labour deputy leader to run his private office was revealed in the latest register of MPs’ interests.

Mr Mosley gave the donation via the party and it was registered with the Commons authority on June 28, two days after Labour MPs’ plot to oust Mr Corbyn was launched.

However, Mr Watson’s office claimed the donation came earlier, during the EU referendum campaign.

But on the same day Mr Watson also gained a £5,000 donation from former Tony Blair donor Sir Trevor Chinn, who has also given money to right-wing Labour MP Dan Jarvis.

Around that time, Mr Watson was trying persuade Mr Corbyn to quit.

Mr Mosley gave £12,500 in cash and £27,554 in printing costs during Mr Watson’s deputy leadership campaign last year.

THE decision of the Labour Party NEC in a secret vote, by 18-14, for Labour leader Corbyn to go forward onto the leadership ballot without requiring nominations from the Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP) and the European Parliamentary Labour Party (EPLP), is a body blow to the Labour right wing, who were desperate to keep Corbyn off the ballot paper: here.

In light of the Labour Party’s national executive decision to hamper the vote of Corbyn supporters by imposing a £25 fee, the choice of joining Unite for 50p and voting is the best option, says BERNADETTE HORTON: here.

Corbyn in 1977 against National Front nazis: here.

10 thoughts on “British anti-Corbyn plot paid by ex?-nazi Mosley

  1. Friday 15th July 2016

    posted by Morning Star in Features

    by Cyriac Maprayil

    AMID all the current political hullaballoo, it is important to remember that the Labour Party voted Jeremy Corbyn into the position of leader because the party at large is convinced that he is the only one who can revive the labour movement and effectively campaign to realise the values and priorities of an inclusive society — even if it takes some time.

    Since prime minister James Callaghan left the office, the Labour Party has been in decline, although leaders like Michael Foot did their best to delay the party’s eventual transformation into something very different.

    New Labour was neither “new” nor “Labour.” It was the sum total of a bunch of parliamentarians who were determined to seize power from the Tories without caring much about the means used to that end — in fact it was, in a way, rebranded Thatcherism.

    We all know the level of damage and havoc that fell on our country and the world over by the government embarking on bombing sprees across the Middle East.

    Corbyn, along with the late Tony Benn, was among a handful of MPs who advocated a civilised, ethical and humane alternative to invading sovereign nations in faraway lands.

    Colonial times when Britain shot its way through ancient civilisations with a view to plunder and subjugate should have served as a stark reminder of where coercion under the guise of spreading democracy in other parts of the world always leads.

    Tony Blair ignored the fact that the British public did not endorse such bombing ventures, as was made abundantly clear when a crowd of over a million came to demonstrate at Hyde Park in the summer of 2003.

    I had the pleasure of listening to Corbyn’s historic speech in Hyde Park and witnessed the strength of the feeling of the huge turnout of men, women and children.

    Reckless foreign policies regarding Middle Eastern countries like Iraq, Libya and Syria have led to ruin, and the area has inevitably been breeding and spreading even more venom in retaliation against the Western aggressors.

    More and more radical and fundamentalist organisations have been taking shape, spreading their wings to suffocate and destroy our citizens and our way of life.

    It is in this context that Corbyn’s leadership is not only extremely relevant, but absolutely essential to preserve this world.

    Grassroots-level Labour Party members are convinced that Corbyn is providing an ethical dimension to politics in general.

    To those individuals who have been brought up to believe that national security can only be achieved through investing in nuclear weapons, Corbyn’s views might come across as too naive and simplistic.

    But the fact remains that Corbyn was elected the leader of the Labour Party with an overwhelming majority less than a year ago.

    People up and down the country, including significant proportions of other political persuasions, are, by now, subscribing to the view that the path Corbyn is showing is the only viable way forward.

    ?Britain and its democratic traditions have been immensely damaged during the Thatcher-Blair periods.

    We now have a new generation of citizens who have lost faith in politics because their leaders were found lacking in honesty, integrity and faith in true democratic principles.

    The disillusionment reached a new depth with the exposure of the corruption scandal where many MPs were found guilty of generating extra income for themselves through illegal means.

    ?In Corbyn, the disaffected found an anchor — a sense of security and confidence. He is a torch in the long, dark tunnel of politics created by some of the unprincipled and greedy politicians of our times.

    He is seen as transparent, unassuming, inclusive and compassionate in his policies, politics and mindset. For that reason alone, he is not accepted by the conventional politicians who look at politics as a career-enhancing pursuit, regardless of what happens to the country and its people.

    ?The EU referendum was a self-inflicted measure on the part of the present government.

    It was thrown into the air to bully other EU members into giving Britain a “better deal.”

    Eventually, as we all know, it backfired and the prime minister fell into the pit of his own making, forgetting the lessons of recent history of British public life, where backstabbing and disloyalty has become commonplace.

    Brexit, in any case, was not Labour’s making.

    Under Corbyn’s leadership, Labour adopted the policy of keeping EU membership but attempting to win a fairer structural framework for all EU members. I listened to some of Corbyn’s speeches during the campaign, appealing to party members to vote to Remain.

    It was high-profile Brexit Tories who were among the most influential in the campaign to get Britain out of the EU.

    Once the result was out, some of Labour parliamentarians started blaming Corbyn for not being forcible enough in his appeal towards the Labour electorate.

    Yet Corbyn was tirelessly running up and down the country pressing the case for Remain. This is not something that anyone can vilify him for, let alone find an excuse to get rid of him from his position as party leader.

    We all know that had Labour MPs campaigned more forcefully in their respective constituencies, a different outcome would have come about.

    On another matter, namely Corbyn’s leadership skills, it seems that the New Labour definition relates to his ability — or lack of — to engage in spin-doctoring, manipulating media and being economical with the truth.

    But Corbyn’s strength lies in his honesty, integrity and patriotism. The Labour leadership needs his zeal for creating a society free from violence, poverty and discrimination.

    Those who attack Corbyn at this juncture are standing in the way of democracy and common sense. They are bringing about enduring disgrace to the notion of democracy.

    Some of Corbyn’s parliamentary colleagues are with the firm belief that only a right-wing Blairite approach will be acceptable to the country at large and that since Corbyn’s approach and outlook is different, he needs to be challenged and replaced as the party leader.

    However, winning elections under a banner that does not represent true Labour will not serve anyone either — neither the country nor the party in the long run.

    Corbyn’s approach in reaching out to everyone, especially the elected members of the Labour Party, could be given a further boost — if I take the freedom to suggest — by appealing to the Blairites and Brownites to repent and return to the true fold of Labour’s traditions without having to face deselection at the next general election from their local constituencies. A special welcome to those who resigned would, in my view, not be a bad idea.

    Dr Cyriac Maprayil is executive director of the VK Krishna Menon Institute.


  2. Wednesday 20th July 2016

    posted by Luke James in Britain

    TWO groups leading the campaign to oust Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader are facing an investigation over hacking claims.

    The Blairite Progress faction and the secretive Saving Labour group, which has not declared either its leadership or funders, have been referred to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) — the independent body that deals with data protection — after inciting supporters to illegally use Labour Party data in their campaign against Mr Corbyn.

    Progress gave step-by-step instructions on how to harvest private information of current and former members from an official database in a breach of the Data Protection Act.

    “One of our best chances to recruit Labour members will be trying to get those who left the party because of the current leadership,” the groups wrote in an email to members.

    Labour activists who received the emails raised the alarm over the scandal, which has been branded #HackingLabour on social media.

    An ICO spokesman told the Star: “We are aware of concerns about the use of Labour membership data and will be making enquiries.”

    Labour has confirmed it has been contacted by the ICO and required to give “written assurances that measures will be put in place to prevent unsolicited direct marketing, including in internal elections.”

    The party called for a moratorium on access to the database for anything other than official Labour business until the end of the leadership contest and warned: “Any members using Labour Party membership data in an unauthorised way will be referred to the ICO and may be subject to disciplinary action.

    Progress responded to the warning yesterday by removing a hacking how-to from its website.


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