18 thoughts on “British Blairite Owen Smith, Pfizer, ISIS parody songs

  1. Tuesday 30th
    posted by Morning Star in Britain

    by Luke James

    Parliamentary Reporter

    ED BALLS has taken a break from his busy schedule of Strictly Come Dancing rehearsals to waltz into the debate over the Labour leadership contest.

    The former shadow chancellor turned Saturday night TV reality show competitor has had plenty of time to write his memoirs since losing the Morley and Outwood constituency to the Tories last May.

    In an extract from his new book Speaking Out published in the Times yesterday, he takes a swing at Mr Corbyn for peddling a “leftist utopian fantasy.”

    He writes: “Refusing to listen to the electorate has never been a winning formula, any more than Jeremy Corbyn thinking the volume of cheering from your core supporters is a reliable guide to wider public opinion.

    “Caution will not win the day, but nor will Jeremy Corbyn’s leftist utopian fantasy, devoid of connection to the reality of people’s lives.”

    Mr Balls is hoping to score big with the judges on Saturday when he swaps a suit for sequins for the first episode of a new series of Strictly.

    But he was told to foxtrot off on social media, where Labour members suggested that his swipe at Mr Corbyn should be his last tango in politics.

    Economist Richard Murphy wrote: “I hate to say it, but I think Ed Balls has found his level with Norwich City and Strictly.”

    And a Labour source told the BBC: “Ed should concentrate more on his paso doble, as the general election proved that when it comes to politics he is out of step with the British people.”

    Mr Balls was criticised by Labour MPs for offering an “austerity-lite” alternative to George Osborne’s policies during his time as shadow chancellor.

    He sparked outrage by outlining plans to cut child benefit in a speech to Labour’s pre-election conference.



  2. Tuesday 30th August 2016

    posted by Morning Star in Britain

    Thornberry slams manoeuvrings by hierarchy

    by Luke James, Parliamentary Reporter

    LABOUR’S shadow foreign secretary has accused party bureaucrats of subverting democracy in a “naked” bid to oust leader Jeremy Corbyn.
    Emily Thornberry blasted the behind-the-scenes manoeuvrings of the “party hierarchy” in a bullish message sent to members in her constituency yesterday.
    She said she was “disgusted” by efforts to keep Mr Corbyn off the ballot paper and confirmed she would “stay loyal” to the elected leader in the forthcoming contest with challenger Owen Smith.
    “Here we are now, less than a year after Jeremy’s overwhelming victory, and the party hierarchy, through decisions of the national executive committee, is attempting to overturn that result, quash Jeremy’s mandate and put the party’s members back in their box,” she wrote on Facebook.
    “And they are doing so in the most naked way.
    “I was disgusted to see the attempts to try to stop Jeremy from getting on the ballot.”
    Ms Thornberry criticised the decisions to go to court to stop 25,000 new members voting in the election and charge registered supporters £25 for a vote — up from £3 last time.
    “Some people have done their level best to deny the party’s full membership a fair and equal vote in this contest, or even the chance to make their voices heard,” she added.
    “Instead of welcoming the enthusiasm of our new members [and] celebrating the strength of our mass membership, they have been behaving as if it is something to be afraid of.”
    The Islington South MP said the actions risked taking Labour back to the Blair era, when members were “deliberately antagonised, alienated and ignored.”
    She called on grassroots activists reinvigorated by Mr Corbyn to “take the fight to the Tories in the only contest that matters: getting this dreadful Tory government out of office.”
    Ms Thornberry, a former human rights lawyer, also claimed in the message that Labour deputy leader Tom Watson had called her a “traitor” for voting in 2005 against 90-day detention without trial for suspected terrorists.
    “Traitor” is among the terms which Labour members are being suspended or expelled from the party for having used on social media.



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