Labour expels Blair’s Iraq war liar Campbell

This 2007 video from Britain says about itself:

IRAQ: The sexed-up case for war

The infamous dodgy dossier, WMD claims in Iraq, sexing up allegations by the BBC and the whitewash of the Hutton report.

When left winger Jeremy Corbyn campaigned to become British Labour party leader, and also after his victory, right-wing Blairites still had strong positions in the party bureaucracy.

Bureaucrats often banned left-wing Labour party members for ridiculous reasons. Like for calling a Blairite a Blairite. For singing a rock song. For having voted years ago for the Green party, or a socialist party.

Certainly as long as Iain McNicol was party General Secretary, Blairite bureaucrats practiced Blairite dictatorial dirty tricks; eg,with musical preference as a pretext. Witchfinder General Iain McNicol banned a woman because she would probably vote for leftist Jeremy Corbyn in the party leader election (with as McNicol’s pretext that this woman, Ms Catherine Starr, liked United States rock band the Foo Fighters). At the same time, McNicol banned the leader of the baker’s trade union for supporting Corbyn. A poet was banned for writing a satiric poem on Tony Blair. And McNicol banned a retired miner who had been a Labour party member for 45 years for criticizing Owen Smith, the Blairite candidate in the party leadership election

Eventually, some right-wing politicians were also expelled. Not for calling Corbyn Corbyn or for singing. But for sexual harassment.

And now, Tony Blair’s Iraq war liar Alastair Campbell.

From daily News Line in Britain:

Blairite Campbell Expelled From The Labour Party

29th May 2019

FORMER Blair spin doctor Alastair Campbell has been expelled from the Labour Party after he revealed that he voted for the Liberal Democrats in the European elections. …

He received a message of support from his former master, Blair, who organised the war on Iraq in 2003 based on lies.

6 thoughts on “Labour expels Blair’s Iraq war liar Campbell

  1. THERE is not the slightest doubt that the Labour Party was absolutely correct to expel Alastair Campbell, Tony Blair’s former ‘spin doctor’, for voting for the Liberal Democrats in the recent European elections.

    He got his just desserts after a career of peddling lies for Blair, including the WMD lies that Blair and he spread to ignite a deadly war with Iraq in 2003. This cost the lives of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, destroyed that country, and led to the rise of ISIS in the Middle East, including the carnage in Syria.

    In fact, Campbell got off lightly. Now the spinners have got to work, and are trying to turn his treachery during the Euro elections with the ‘I am Spartacus’ slogan. They are using the name of the man who Marx called the ‘the most splendid fellow in the whole of ancient history … a noble character, real representative of the ancient proletariat …’ to try and cover up their dirty splitting tactics.

    Spartacus was a hero. Spartacus was a liberator. They are seeking to defy the democratic decision of millions of people, in order to serve the interests of super-exploiting bankers and capitalists throughout Europe.

    Former Home Secretary Charles Clarke has also confirmed he voted Lib Dem, along with ex-MP Fiona MacTaggart, while former Defence Secretary Bob Ainsworth said he voted Green. They should all be expelled at once.


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