British Labour leader Corbyn attracts big crowds

This video from England says about itself:

Unelectable Jeremy Corbyn [according to Blairite-Thatcherite rightwingers and corporate media] wows the crowds in Hull July 30, 2016

From a Corbyn rally in Hull City centre just a brief snippet of Jeremy‘s speech.

By Peter Lazenby in Britain:

Team Corbyn wows the crowds up North

Monday 1st August 2016

Thousands turn out to rally for leader in Yorkshire & Humber

JEREMY CORBYN’S leadership campaign hit Yorkshire and the Humber at the weekend with thousands of supporters attending rallies in Hull and Leeds.

He told audiences that Britain has “a spiv economy, run by spivs and protected by the same kind of people.”

Mr Corbyn was greeted with a standing ovation in Leeds, where 1,500 people packed into the city’s Royal Armouries Museum and a further thousand welcomed him outside.

He spoke about injustice and inequality in Britain and said: “There’s a man in Monte Carlo on his yacht. Back home things are not so good.

BHS has closed down. Thousands of people have lost their jobs. The pension fund is in trouble. The profits were salted away into a tax haven.

Lloyds bank is partly owned by us because we are very generous people. We saw bankers in trouble and we reached out a hand to them.

“Then we let them carry on as before. Now it has made £2.5 billion profits. You might expect them to invest in productivity, in manufacturing.

“But they have given 3,000 people a special letter. You are dismissed. You are surplus to requirements. They are closing 200 branches.”

Earlier on Saturday 3,000 people turned out to hear Mr Corbyn at an open-air rally in Hull.

Simultaneously a rally by leadership pretender Owen Smith in Liverpool attracted a mere 100 people.

Among those sharing the platform in Leeds was Unite North East regional secretary Karen Reay, who chaired the rally, shadow international development secretary and Bradford East Labour MP Imran Hussain, shadow justice minister Richard Burgon and Calderdale Labour Councillor Susan Press.

There were impassioned speeches in support of Mr Corbyn and for restoration of a socialist programme for the Labour Party.

Mr Hussain said: “People want change, radical change. They want a party that is true to its social democratic roots, and a leader who strives for all that he believes in. Jeremy offers change, he offers hope.”

Leading Labour Party figures involved in the right-wing coup against party leader Jeremy Corbyn told the Daily Telegraph this weekend they plan to organise a “semi-split” if he wins the September leadership contest: here.

17 thoughts on “British Labour leader Corbyn attracts big crowds

  1. Wednesday 3RD August 2016 posted by Morning Star in Britain

    Yet registered supporters won’t get their money back

    by Lamiat Sabin and Will Stone

    LABOUR was reported yesterday to have blocked up to 50,000 registered supporters from voting in the leadership election — despite them paying over £1 million between them.
    The party has confirmed that rejected registered supporters would not get their money back. This means between £1m and £1.25m could have been creamed off people who registered to vote for current leader Jeremy Corbyn or leadership challenger Owen Smith.
    The registration fee was increased to £25 from the £3 charge implemented for the leadership election last year.
    At least 180,000 people paid £25 within the narrow 48-hour window last month — earning Labour more than £4.5m — and the rejections are estimated to total nearly a third of this number.
    The number of supporters who registered this year is almost double the figure who registered last year, despite the eight-fold jump in cost.
    The higher registration fee and short timeframe were intended to deter ineligible voters from signing up as well as helping to cover the screening costs, the party said.
    Labour confirmed to the Star that no repayments would be made because supporters “understood at the time of registration that no refunds would be given.”
    However it added that it “does not recognise the figures,” reported by Huffington Post UK, showing that up to 50,000 people had had their applications rejected after being “vetted.”
    Around 40,000 submissions have already been binned and the national executive committee (NEC) is in the process of investigating another 10,000, according to the news website.
    “The vetting process is robust and a drop-off in numbers should be expected,” a Labour spokeswoman continued.
    Not being on the electoral register, past support of a rival party and non-successful fee payments are some of the reasons Labour has given for rejecting applications.
    An anonymous source contacted the Star to say that their application was rejected because Labour could not find them on the electoral register — even though they voted in the EU referendum. They are now awaiting confirmation as to whether they can vote for a leader after sending in proof of their eligibility and paying for various memberships.
    The source is a Labour member and Unite union affiliate of less than six months, which means under the party’s new rules they are banned from voting.
    Labour activist Dulcie Fairhurst, who had been a member of Unite for five years, has been banned from voting because she recently joined GMB after starting a new job.
    “The new rules are preventing people from having their voice in the Labour leadership,” she told the Star.
    “I’m sure many more people have been unwittingly affected by these new rules as I have.“I would’ve kept my Unite union membership had I known.”
    Each affiliated union membership application is treated as new even if someone has moved from one affiliated union to another, Labour told the Star.
    This is due to data protection laws, the party spokeswoman said.
    LabourList reported that an immediate sampling of the voters suggested that there was a pro-Corbyn majority of somewhere between 60 and 65 per cent — with 90,000 out of the remaining 140,000 approved registrants thought to be backing him.
    The result will be announced on September 24.,000-Blocked-from-Voting-in-Labour-Race#.V6GX_vmLQdU


  2. Wednesday 3rd July 2016

    posted by Peter Lazenby in Britain

    Huge crowd welcomes leader to Liverpool

    JEREMY CORBYN drew the biggest crowd of his leadership election campaign so far as 7,000 people turned out to give him a rapturous welcome in Liverpool on Monday night.

    The attendance far exceeded the huge 3,000 who turned out in Hull and a similar number in Leeds on Saturday.

    They also dwarfed the 100 who attended a rally held by Owen Smith in Liverpool.

    Mr Corbyn addressed the rally from the top of a fire engine provided by the Fire Brigades Union.

    His speech was constantly interrupted by cheers and applause.

    He told his listeners: “People are looking for something different, something that challenges the orthodoxy of an economic policy that says there has to be inequality.”

    Mr Corbyn then read a message to the crowd on his mobile phone from shadow chancellor John McDonnell.

    It said: “Send them my best wishes, from a scouser in exile to my fellow scousers at home in the finest city in the world.”

    Mr Corbyn said the campaign was about more than leadership of the Labour Party. “It is also about the way we do politics in this country,” he said.

    “Is it to be the politics of an elite, or is it to be politics about people expressing their views, their aspirations?”

    He said he had first visited Liverpool during the miners’ strike of 1984-5, and again when dockers were fighting for their jobs.

    He praised the Hillsborough families for their campaign to find the truth about the deaths of 96 Liverpool football fans in Sheffield’s Hillsborough stadium in 1989 and for their “standing up to the horrors of the Murdoch media.”

    The Sun newspaper is still widely boycotted in Liverpool for its reporting of the disaster, which blamed the fans and made shocking and untrue allegations about their behaviour.

    “We look at other successful struggles — the blacklisted construction workers,” he said.

    “We won that campaign not through the support of the national media but by the support of ordinary people.”

    After his speech, Mr Corbyn spoke to many people in the crowd, shaking hands and posing for selfies.,000-attend-rally#.V6GaDjWZ0dU


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