Flowers, butterflies, harvestmen in botanical garden

Purple coneflower

This photo shows a purple coneflower with a bumblebee on it, in the botanical garden on 7 August 2016.

As we walked to the garden, coots and a great crested grebe swimming in a canal.

In the aquarium in the hothouse, cherry barb fish.

Many more giant prickly stick insects than at an earlier visit to the hothouse.

In the Victoria amazonica hothouse pond, Nymphea colorata flowers, swimming goldfish and smaller fish. Gold-edged owl butterflies flying around.

Gold-edged owl butterfly, 7 August 2016

Two of them sit down on a wall.

The beekeeper of the botanical garden shows how honey is processed. It is a good year for honeybees here: 200 kilograms of honey; in bad years, 10 kilograms or less.

Harvestmen, 7 August 2016

Finally, to the Japanese garden. Where we see this group of harvestmen.

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