Gull and tadpoles

This is a silver dollar fish video.

Today, to the botanical gardens.

On my way there, a lesser black-backed gull and a jackdaw, looking for pieces of food on the street.

As I enter the gardens, a chiffchaff sings.

There are not as many aquariums as there used to be years ago.

However, now they are bigger, and they also have explanatory notes now.

Like for the axolotls which I wrote about on this blog.

And for the silver dollars, in an aquarium with their fellow South American suckermouth catfish.

In another aqarium, fish from various continents, including Julidochromis from East Africa.

In the Victoria amazonica hothouse, no flowers yet, and the leaves not yet fully grown.

On the surface of the stream, pondskaters.

Underneath them, tadpoles swimming.

There should be larvae of the common newt here as well.

However, they are much rarer, and I don’t see them now.

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