French extreme right terrorist arrested

This video says about itself:

Is France Becoming Racist? (Part 1) – #F24Debate

8 November 2013

“It’s an attack at the very heart of the French Republic”. This is how the country’s [then] Justice Minister, Christiane Taubira, describes a recent spate of racist acts directed at herself. The politician was recently compared to a monkey on a far-right candidate’s Facebook page. Annette Young and her guests discuss the rise of racism in contemporary France.

Our guests on the show: Louis-Georges TIN, President of the French Black Coalition, Madjid MESSAOUDENNE, Councillor, Saint Denis, Paris, Nonna MAYER, Research Director at CNRS, the French Public Research Centre, Philippe MOREAU CHEVROLET, Commentator at Le Nouvel Observateur.

This video is the sequel.

From Reuters news agency:

Sat Jun 4, 2016 7:51am EDT

Ukraine says [it] arrested a man reportedly planning attack in France

A Frenchman reported to be carrying weapons and explosives for a planned attack in France was arrested on the Ukrainian-Polish border in late May, the Ukrainian Border Guard said on Saturday.

French broadcaster M6 reported on Friday that the 25-year-old was arrested by Ukrainian border guards with an arsenal of weapons and explosives including rocket launchers and Kalashnikov assault rifles in his vehicle.

A spokesman for the Ukrainian Border Guard, Oleg Slobodyan, confirmed the arrest. A spokeswoman for Ukraine’s SBU security service declined to comment.

The man, who is currently being held by Ukrainian authorities pending a possible extradition request from Paris, was planning an attack in France, M6 reported.

The French interior ministry said the case is being handled by judicial officials. The Polish border guard declined to comment.

Dutch NOS TV wites about this today (translated):

In May, the French intelligence DGSI warned about a wave of terror attacks in France by Islamic State [ISIS] fighters. The warning came shortly before big events like the Tour de France and the European Football Championship.

Some people who have read this will conclude that this now arrested terrorist suspect surely is an ISIS terrorist, or some other kind of Muslim terrorist.

However … wait a bit. The NOS article writes as well (translated) what the Reuters article does not mention (but what right-wing French daily Le Figaro does mention):

According to the broadcaster M6 the man wanted to use the weapons to commit an attack in Paris. When his home in northern France was searched, the police have found, among other things, explosives and T-shirts with symbols of a far-right group.

So, this look like a racist white supremacist Frenchman, who probably bought weapons for terrorism from his Ukrainian neo-nazi co-thinkers, who maybe thought they had so many weapons they did not need all of them for violence in eastern Ukraine, or in Kiev against LGBTQ demonstrators or against other targets.

It looks like the French DGSI secret policemen have looked one-sidedly at violent Muslims, while ‘forgetting’ about violent non- and anti-Muslims. Remember the terrorism by Timothy McVeigh and his far-right fundamentalist Christian accomplices in Oklahoma City in the USA? Corporate media at first depicted that bloodbath as supposedly the work of Muslims.

When Islamophobic neo-fascist Anders Behring Breivik murdered so many people in and near Oslo, Norway, at first the Rupert Murdoch media and others shouted shrilly that supposedly the Muslims had been at it again. Etc.

The now arrested French racist may have tried to murder many people and make it look like Muslims did it.

Muslim women are first to pay price for Islamophobia in Europe: here.

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