Now flowers instead of racist violence for Syrian refugee in the Netherlands

Flowers and card from Dutch people who believe in love for Syrian refugee Basem in Veen

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands today:

Last week, a brick was thrown through the window of his home, today it was a sea of flowers at the residence of the Syrian Basem and his son in Veen town in North Brabant province. The local florist this afternoon gave some 25 bouquets along with a card which read: “On behalf of many fellow Dutch people who believe in love.”

The flowers were bought with money that was collected on Facebook after this Friday unknown perpetrators had smashed the window of his house. In that incident also a police car was burned. …

A reporter from regional TV visited the recipient who was very touched by the flowers. “I’m very happy and I feel despite everything welcome here. The love is mutual. Thank you dear Dutch people.”

Last week Basem told Omroep Brabant that he was very scared after the incident when his window was smashed. “I fled here because this is a beautiful and safe country. I thought something like this could not happen here.”

Refugee Basem is happy about the flowers

8 thoughts on “Now flowers instead of racist violence for Syrian refugee in the Netherlands

  1. Tuesday 26th January 2016

    posted by Morning Star in World

    by Our Foreign Desk

    EUROPEAN UNION member state ministers squabbled openly yesterday over how best to tackle the refugee crisis amid new arrivals and disagreements over how to seal off borders.

    More than 2,000 desperate people are arriving daily, most fleeing the horrors of war in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, according to EU figures.

    They are prepared to endure choppy seas and wintry conditions on risky boat journeys from Turkey to Greece, which is under pressure to commit more resources on border control even as harsh EU-imposed austerity measures bite.

    “Their state structure is just too weak to do it themselves apparently,” sniffed Belgium’s Migration MinisterTheo Francken on the sidelines of a meeting of EU justice, interior and migration ministers.

    Greek Immigration Minister Ioannis Mouzalas conceded that his country was struggling to cope.

    However, he blamed fellow EU members for failing to provide enough manpower and boats to patrol Aegean Sea islands just off Turkey’s coast and not honouring pledges to relocate refugees.

    Mr Mouzalas said that Athens wanted 1,800 officers from EU border patrol force Frontex but got only 800.

    And of 28 coastguard ships requested by Greece, only six have arrived, he added.

    Ministers arriving for the meeting at Amsterdam’s Maritime Museum were met by protesters in two boats.

    One was full of showroom dummies wearing red life jackets similar to those worn by refugees crossing from Turkey.

    The other bore a large sign saying: “Leaders of Europe, it’s not the polls you should worry about. It’s the history books.”


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