14 thoughts on “Torture tools for sale at London arms fair

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  2. Reblogged this on perfectlyfadeddelusions and commented:
    I’ve known these things are going on for years, and it makes me disgusted that our government would allow such a thing to happen right in front of everyone in the country.

    The Tories are worse because they parade it like it’s some way to raise funds for the country. And the thing is, they are causing these war lords to kill people and start wars because its for fucking money.

    They say money is the root to all evil, but you have to be psychopathic and narcissistic to do it in full display like the Tories.

    And the money isn’t going towards the debt, but them and their rich friends fat pockets.

    Fuck you Tory scum! Fuck you!

    We need to stand together as one to stop the evil Tories, we need to rid them from parliament now.


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  8. Tuesday 10th May 2016

    posted by Morning Star in World

    AMNESTY International called on the European Union yesterday to apply its own Torture Trade Regulation and stop the “marketing and promotion” of torture instruments.

    The rights charity published a report outlining how legal loopholes have allowed “potential tools of torture,” including spiked batons, thumbcuffs, weighted leg restraints and spiked shields, to be advertised and even displayed at trade fairs, even though trading in them is banned.

    Last year the European Parliament proposed a ban on marketing security equipment which could be used to inflict cruel, inhuman and degrading punishment, but the EU’s only elected body lacks the power to initiate legislation and the European Council refused to accept the recommendation.

    Amnesty and the Omega Research Foundation are urging the European Council to accept the parliament’s suggestion and “ensure that no person or company trading within EU jurisdiction can in any way profit from the trade in implements of human suffering.”



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