London protest against changing women’s museum to Jack the Ripper museum

This video from London, England says about itself:

Jack the Ripper museum: an insult to women?

30 July 2015

The announcement of a new Jack the Ripper Museum caused consternation among East London residents who expected it to be dedicated to the achievements of women in the area.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Protest at new Ripper museum

Tuesday 4th August 2015

SUFFRAGETTES” and equal-pay fighters will picket the opening of London’s newest attraction today — a planned women’s history museum which turned out to be a Jack the Ripper-themed venue.

The all-women fancy-dress protest has been called after more than 2,500 people signed a petition against the new museum in Cable Street.

Organisers said the afternoon picket would highlight how women’s history has far more to tell us about than simply being the victims of murder and sexual violence.

Campaigner Jemima Broadbridge told the Star: “We are protesting this evening outside the Jack the Ripper Museum because local residents, London historians and women’s groups from across London are outraged that they have been misled about the original purpose of this museum.

“The protest is being supported by representatives from different groups including East London Suffragettes and the Green Party.

“We have encouraged them to join the demonstration dressed as historic figures from the East End who represent its true social history — for example Elizabeth Fry, Doctor Barnardo and the Pankhursts.

“We also feel that there is a real need for a proper, serious museum charting the social history of the contribution made by women from east London.

“We’re calling on Tower Hamlets Council and the Arts Council to help us fund and establish a museum somewhere in the East End, in the future.”

The project, headed by former Google diversity chief Mark Palmer-Edgecumbe, was labelled “grotesque” and denigrating.

11 thoughts on “London protest against changing women’s museum to Jack the Ripper museum

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  2. Friday 30th October 2015

    posted by Morning Star in Britain

    POLITICIANS, religious and community leaders came together yesterday to protest against east London’s Jack the Ripper Museum.

    Tower Hamlets Mayor John Biggs was joined by Bishop of Stepney Adrian Newman, Leon Silver from East London Central Synagogue and other local organisers in a picket condemning the museum.

    The United East End campaign argued the museum, originally planned as a tribute to the women of east London, “glorifies violence.”

    Campaign chairman Glyn Robbins said: “United East End was set up to oppose those who seek to bring violence, division and hatred to our community.

    “Violence against women is a huge problem in our society that this place does nothing to challenge. On the contrary, it is inviting paying customers to have a ‘selfie’ at Halloween with an image of a mutilated woman’s body.”


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