‘Saudi war crimes in Yemen’, Human Rights Watch says

This video says about itself:

Yemen: Coalition Airstrikes Decimate Community

27 July 2015

Saudi-led coalition airstrikes that killed at least 65 civilians, including 10 children, and wounded dozens in the Yemeni port city of Mokha on July 24, 2015, are an apparent war crime. Starting between 9:30 and 10 p.m., coalition airplanes repeatedly struck two residential compounds of the Mokha Steam Power Plant, which housed plant workers and their family members.

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

Human Rights Watch suspects war crime in Yemen

14 August 2015, 22:42

“We have removed bodies from the rubble, parts of bodies. A head, hands …” For the residents of the port of Mocha in Yemen it was a horrible tragedy.

On Friday July 24 there were nine bombs on residential blocks. 65 civilians were killed, including ten children.

Saudi Arabia

“This was without doubt an air raid of the military coalition led by Saudi Arabia,” said Belkis Wille of Human Rights Watch. She visited the city of Mocha shortly after the attack and filmed the survivors.

The researcher is in the Netherlands for a short time. “It was a horrific picture. The bombs came down on housing complexes where employees live a power plant. The dead were technicians and their families.”

Human Rights Watch said there was no apparent military target and the raid would therefore be very similar to a war crime. The human rights organization wants a UN commission investigating the Saudi attacks and other war crimes in Yemen.

The dead were technicians and their families.
Belkis Wille, Human Rights Watch

Wille: “The Saudi coalition denied that they were behind the attack in Mocha, but we have clear evidence. We have spoken to dozens of eyewitnesses, they saw the aircraft and heard them. The Houthi rebels do not have the capacity to do this kind of air attacks.”

According to Wille, there are also dozens of other bombings with many civilian deaths. “But until now still nothing has been investigated and no one has been held accountable.”

Wille hopes that the Netherlands will be firmly committed to a commission of inquiry. She spoke today in The Hague, including with the new Dutch ambassador to Yemen.

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