‘British government, arrest Saudi war criminal crown prince’

This video says about itself:

21 December 2017

Human Rights Watch has called on the UN Security Council to impose sanctions on Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and military leaders of other countries involved in Yemen’s war.

The rights group said they must be targeted with sanctions for the indiscriminate bombing of Yemen and the unlawful blockade on the country’s civilian population. It also accused the Security Council of taking a lopsided approach to Yemen’s conflict citing the world body’s refusal to impose a travel ban and asset freezes on Riyadh and its allies. More than 13-thousands-six-hundred people have been killed since Saudi Arabia began its military campaign in Yemen.

By Peter Lazenby in Britain:

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Human Rights: Authorities urged to arrest Saudi Crown Prince for war crimes when he visits Britain

HUMAN rights campaigners are pushing for authorities to arrest Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman when he visits Britain, accusing him of war crimes in Yemen.

Campaign group Human Rights for Yemen applied today to Westminster magistrates’ court and the Director of Public Prosecutions for an arrest warrant.

Director Kim Sharif submitted documents containing evidence of alleged war crimes.

Saudi Arabia is waging war against neighbouring Yemen, where thousands of civilians have been killed in Saudi air raids, using British-made warplanes.

The attacks and a blockade by Saudi Arabia have caused water and food shortages and outbreaks of diseases including cholera.

Ms Sharif said: “According to the International Committee of the Red Cross, over 20 million people have been left aid-dependent.”

She cited Unicef figures showing that 130 children are dying each month due to malnutrition and disease occasioned by the illegal blockade.

“Nearly one million people have been affected by the ongoing cholera epidemic, largely attributable to the destruction of the country’s infrastructure. Schools, hospitals, homes, mosques, heritage sites, media and journalists’ centres, funerals, weddings and other civilian targets have been destroyed in the Saudi-led aerial bombardment”, Ms Sharif said.

“We believe that Saudi forces are committing war crimes and violating the Geneva Convention and its protocols with impunity.”

Prince Salman is expected to visit Britain in the coming weeks following an initiation from Tory PM Theresa May.

Ms Sharif said: “There is jurisdiction in the UK to try war criminals and there is no immunity for such crimes, irrespective of where they have been committed.

“Bin Salman is ultimately responsible for these crimes and he must be arrested for war crimes during his anticipated visit to the UK.”

British arms firms sold weapons worth £1.1 billion to Saudi Arabia in the first six months of last year.

They included air-to-air missiles, aircraft components and sniper rifles. The sales also included anti-riot gear, ballistic shields and body armour.

Previous sales have included fighter-bombers.

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