‘Peacekeepers’ kill Somali civilians

This video says about itself:

8 December 2012

Some Kenyan soldiers (AMISOM) torturing Somali civilians in South Somalia.

Local Somali elders said “These men were just normal farmers and it happens everyday”.

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

Peacekeepers kill civilians in Somalia

21 July 2015, 16:58

In Somalia, soldiers from the African Union, according to eyewitnesses, have killed at least twelve civilians.

These ‘peacekeepers’ are soldiers from countries like Ethiopia and Uganda, who went to Somalia at the request of the United States Bush administration.

The worst violence is said to have occurred in the southern port city of Merka, where according to a statement from an anonymous police officer ten civilians have been killed, and many others had to go to the hospital with gunshot wounds.

Why it came to the outbreak of violence, the police could not say. Possibly it was a retaliation from the military because of the destruction of a water tank. Among the victims were women and children.

Eyewitnesses reported that peacekeepers in the capital Mogadishu have opened fire on a van where two deaths occurred. Also in this case the reason for the shooting is unknown. A spokesman for the forces of the African Union was not available for comment.

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