Air strike on Somali children, hospital

This 2015 music video is called Little Girl from Somalia.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain today:

School and hospital hit by an air strike in Somalia

AT LEAST three children were killed in Somalia today when their school was hit by an air strike in the south of the country.

Their school in the town of Sakow was bombed, along with the main hospital which is said to have been destroyed. …

The area is subjected to regular bombing raids by the US and Kenya as part of the multinational African Union force.

The air force of Ethiopia attacks Somalia regularly as well.

Somalia is one of the shadow wars that Washington is waging in Africa, with little or no information provided to the public, much less even a shred of popular approval: here.

Outcry after reporter ‘beaten by police’ in Somalia: here.

7 thoughts on “Air strike on Somali children, hospital

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