Somali Pentagon allies torture journalists

This video from Somalia says about itself:

Since the US-backed Ethiopian (TPLF) invasion and occupation of Somalia – Ethiopian TPLF troops has committed (and still commit) acts of crimes against the Somalia people. Crimes of genocide, war crimes, and crimes against humanity in Somalia especially in Mogadishu in violation of international law. The constant attacks and extensive carpet bombarding on the civilian residential areas of Mogadishu, Somalia by the Ethiopian troops has displaced 1,000,000 people mostly women and children. Somalia people are forced to live on an open ground and under trees in the outskirts of the city without any help. Hospitals are overwhelmed with thousands of injured Somalia people and death is mounting.

At least 140 people were arrested by Kenyan authorities. After weeks in Kenyan custody, 85 detainees were unlawfully transferred to Somalia, and 81 further on to Ethiopia. While in custody in Ethiopia, many of the detainees were questioned by US agents.

Former detainees have alleged that several were tortured or otherwise ill-treated. Two women, who were heavily pregnant when arrested, gave birth behind bars. All were subject to unlawful inter-state transfers as the practice of renditions appears to be spreading.

The Ethiopian authorities have acknowledged detaining only 41 people. Four UK citizens were released in Somalia and returned to the UK. That means that 40 detainees who were unlawfully transferred are missing. In addition, 27 detainees do not appear on any of the passenger lists of unscheduled flights to Somalia. Their whereabouts are also unknown.

There is no further news about Canadian national Bashir Ahmed Makhtal, who is still thought to be detained incommunicado at the police Central Investigation Bureau (known as Maikelawi) in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa. Some or all of the missing detainees may be in secret detention in Ethiopia.

From Shabelle Media Network (Mogadishu, Somalia):

Somalia: Govt’s Benadir Administration Torture Shabelle Journalists

10 January 2011

Mogadishu — Officials of Benadir Administration under the transitional federal government of Somalia on Monday tortured two reporters of Shabelle Media Network, a local radio station based in the Somalis capital Mogadishu.

Abdirazak Adan Koslaye, Shabelle reporter accompanied by the cameraman Adnan Ali, were in their journalism duties to cover a ceremony marking the success of Bendir football team reach in Somalia regional tournament. But, Mohammed Abdullahi Areek, the spokesman of Benadir Administration ordered Shabelle journalist to be out of ceremony.

Abdirizak Koslaye responded to the spokesman saying Shabelle has the same right that other Medias have, however. Mr. Areek tortured Shabelle two journalists.

“Some of Somali government forces were ordered to pull us out with force, and they were told to kill us if we refused the order” Koslaye was quoted by Shabelle Radio as saying.

Update: here.

The National Union of Somali Journalists (NUSOJ) today releases its annual report on the state of freedom of the press in Somalia in 2010, summarising major press freedom violations and challenges in the southern and central regions of Somalia, Puntland and Somaliland: here.

Somali traders have been arrested and taken into custody by Kenyan border forces, witnesses said on Wednesday: here.

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