14 thoughts on “Kenya, austerity and Somalia war

  1. Kenya construction workers walk off the job

    Around 20 construction workers building the new Malaba International Bridge have walked off the job. They include carpenters, steel fixers and masons. They say they are owed back wages by the contractor employing them and will not return to work until paid. Some of the construction workers are from Uganda.

    The bridge forms part of the 70 kilometre trunk road linking Webuye in Kenya to Malaba in Uganda. The trunk road is near completion. The new bridge, which is being built beside the existing one, will enable heavy trucks to cross more easily.



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  7. KENYA: Hundreds of Somalis have been expelled from Kenya in a crackdown on suspected Islamists, Human Rights Watch said yesterday.

    People have been held in police cells and a football stadium during the crackdown, which follows a spate of attacks by supporters of Somalia’s al-Qaida-linked Shabab rebels.

    “Deporting people to conflict zones in Somalia shows a total disregard for their rights and their safety,” said HRW spokesman Gerry Simpson, adding that returning refugees against their will to a war zone is unlawful.



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